The Madness Continues…


From the moment the idea to publish this blog popped into my head, it had been my intention all along to not only blog my way through this insane TTC process, but to also write continuously throughout any pregnancy I was able to achieve. Yeah, well …

The Road To Hell
Pretty much.

I tried. No really, I did! At least a dozen times throughout the course of this pregnancy, I have sat myself down in front of this laptop with the sole purpose of catching everyone up with the events of my pregnancy. And every single time, I would sit there for hours with the same dumb look on my face, staring at a blank screen.


Nothing. There just wasn’t anything there. And what made it worse was that I hadn’t the foggiest idea as to why my brain had decided to crap out on me. It wasn’t that I didn’t have any feelings/thoughts about my pregnancy, because I had plenty. It’s just that every time I sat down to try and put them into words – the words just wouldn’t come. So eventually I stopped trying. And re-reading my last post, I was satisfied with the way I had left everything, with the announcement of our long awaited miracle. I felt that when it was all said and done with, I had in fact accomplished my goal; to shine a light on the struggles of infertility for the rest of the world to see, as well as to let other women going through it know that they were not alone. I just didn’t feel that there was anything left to write.


And then – two weeks ago – it wasn’t.



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