CD 10 – March 2016

This will probably be the shortest post I ever write, but I have so many feelings rolling around inside my mind right now that I feel like I’m just one big ball of emotional knots!

Tomorrow morning I will have my first IUI procedure done. Originally, my husband Matt was going to come with me for the procedure, but considering that he has to be back to work immediately following the IUI and I have another appointment to go to afterwards, it’s looking more and more like I’ll be flying solo for this insemination.

Most women would be pretty pissed if their husband’s were not going to be coming along for emotional support, but I’m a big girl; I’ve gone to all but one appointment with the RE without him there. I can handle it. Considering how strongly he feels about giving a semen sample (feels like it is an attack on his masculinity), just the fact that he is willing to give one for the procedure is more than enough for me!

What exactly will be happening tomorrow morning?

Matthew is a soldier, and has to be at work no later than 5:00 am. He has a few things to do early tomorrow morning, but afterwards he’ll be coming home around 6:30 to um, “provide” his semen sample. Once it’s all sealed and ready for transport, I’ll stick the sterile cup of my soul mate’s Baby Gravy into my bra.

*Little known fact: when providing a semen sample, either for analysis or insemination, it needs to be kept at body temperature. Much cooler or warmer than your body’s temp, and the sperm within the sample begin to die and/or lose motility.*

Once I’ve got it tucked safely away, I’ll have the hubster load up our toddler into his carseat, and I’ll head to my Mother’s house to drop him off, so she can get him to “school” at 9:00. Then it’s straight to the hospital’s Andrology Lab for me; the sample needs to be at the lab no later than 8:00 tomorrow morning. Once it’s there, they’ll wash it and remove all seminal fluid and less than “ideal” sperms, and get it ready for insertion.

I’ll have about an hour to kill after dropping off the “goods” to the lab in the basement of the hospital – my insemination isn’t until 9:00. I will most likely spend this time drinking a soda and freaking the hell out!! Then it’s up to the OB/GYN clinic for the RE to perform the procedure, which shouldn’t take long at all. After he’s done, I’ll need to remain lying down for 15-20 minutes, and then it’s all done!!

After that, the TWW begins and I will spend the vast majority of my much needed vacation with my fingers and toes crossed, over-analyzing every single symptom!


I am so excited right now that I feel like I could jump out of my skin!! This is it. This is what I’ve been waiting for years to be able to do! Finally, every single one of hubby’s spermies will be in exactly the right spot, at exactly the right time! I’ve had such good responses to the Follistim; I’m just hoping that it’s in God’s perfect plan to allow this to be IT for us. I want nothing more than to complete my family!

I can’t remember the last time I’ve felt this much hope …!




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