CD 9 – March 2016

After last cycle’s leftover cyst/birth control/break-through bleeding fiasco, I made a silent vow to myself that with this cycle I wouldn’t post until I had something to post about. Well, I have something to post about!

AF finally showed up for sure on March 1st. She was lighter and shorter than normal, but with the amount of break-through bleeding I’ve had, I didn’t expect my lining to be as thick as normal. When I went in the day before for my baseline u/s (on Leap Year), I was very pleased to hear that the cyst leftover from last cycle had indeed shrunk from the use of the birth control. The scan looked good, and I was cleared to start the Follistim injections as soon as AF showed. I gave myself the first injection of this cycle last Thursday. The injections haven’t been as kind to my poor belly this cycle as they were last cycle.

Never mind the fat …

I had my first follie check on this past Monday, and just like last time, my body was responding very well to the FSH. My RE actually told me that I’d be an excellent candidate for IVF, considering how many eggs I make every single cycle! He said to keep going with 150 mg of Follistim daily and come back in two days later for a repeat follie check.

Later on that night I was shocked as hell when I went to the bathroom.

Holy EWCM, Batman!!

I’ve never had so much EWCM in all my life!! Needless to say, poor Matthew was dragged to the bedroom after he’d had a long day at work and was ravaged. Not much complaining from him, however!

Today was my next scan. I went in, got undressed, and waited for the RE. When he came in and started the scan, he was a bit surprised!

The uterine lining was perfect as usual.
Here’s the left side with a few good follies.
And the right side – the reigning champion again this month.

But it wasn’t until he printed off the full report of all the follies I had blooming, not just the ones I could see on the 3-D, that I realized why he wasn’t as excited as I thought he’d be …

Yeah, you’re reading that right – 15 follies on the left side with 17 on the right!

Now not all of those follies will produce mature eggs this cycle of course. My RE considers any follie over 15 mm to be “fully matured” and ready to go; the problem is that today is only CD 9 and I already have two follies that are ready, with another four to most likely be matured by tomorrow! If I thought I was at risk last cycle for OHSS, I’m definitely gonna be up a creek with no paddle this time! But that wasn’t the best news I got all day!

Guess who gets to have her first IUI done this Friday morning?!?!

For those who aren’t really sure what Intrauterine Insemination (IUI) is, I’ve found a great picture for ya that breaks it down “Barney Style” without all the medical mumbo-jumbo.


This was taken from the Internet and isn’t from my clinic, but IUI is pretty much the same across the board. Some clinics wash the semen and some don’t; mine does. So we’ll have to take the hubster’s semen sample (which he’s not looking forward to giving, by the way) to the Andrology Lab at 8:00 on Friday morning. They’ll remove all the “less than ideal” sperm from the sample (the dead ones, the ones that aren’t moving, the drunk ones that can’t swim in a straight line, etc), and will also remove all the seminal fluid as well; doctors have found that if the seminal fluid is left in the sample that is injected into the top of the woman’s uterus, she will experience some pretty severe cramping. After they’ve done all of that, I’ll go in and have the actual IUI procedure at 9:00. It’ll take about a half hour and then we’re done. For those who need a visual aide, I’ve thought about you too!

Pretty amazing, huh?

I have to admit – I’m stupid excited right now!! And not only did my husband agree to giving the sample for the IUI (like a lot of men, Matt sees giving a semen sample as an attack on his masculinity), but he’s also take the morning off from work so that he can come with me for the procedure! Of course, after the IUI is finished, we’re encouraged to have sex later on that day and the next. The beauty of IUI vs IVF is that if successful, we’ll never know whether or not we conceived with the sperm injected with the IUI or from the good ol’ fashioned nookie later on that day!

The part I’m not looking forward to is paying for this mess. Because I was on a purely injectable cycle, the cost of my IUI will be $1,100.

Good times, right?

Yeah. Not so much. Thank God I didn’t spend all of our tax return! But in the grand scheme of things, it’s really not all that much. Hell, I’ve spent at least that much on TTC supplies in the past year alone!!

Yet another bright spot to my day today, is the knowledge that as of Saturday morning, Matt and I will be packing up our clothes, toiletries, our GPS, and the Tiny Tyrant, and will be heading to see my Matt’s family in Illinois. My mother-in-law (MIL) is so excited to see our kiddo! I’ve been working really hard to teach him their names; he has Paw Paw down pat, but is still working on Maw Maw (it comes out Mom-Mom at this point). I doubt very seriously that my MIL will care one way or the other!!

After the last couple months we’ve had … we could all use a vacation away from the nonsense of everyday life!




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