CD 19 – February 2016

Considering that I decided to go ahead with my RE’s plan for a cycle of birth control to shrink the cyst leftover from the last cycle (which by the way, I found out was 18 mm in size which is 3 mm bigger than I remember him saying), I also made the decision that I wouldn’t post to my blog until I had something to post.

Well – I have something to post. Not a big something, but a something worth mentioning I think.

This morning while I was rushing to get my toddler dressed and out the door and get him to therapy on time, I noticed a slightly damp feeling in my “southerly’ regions. Since I hadn’t yet gone to the bathroom since I’d been up, I made a pit stop as I was loading up the car. I half expected to see a huge gob of EWCM just chillin’ in muh panties there, but uh …

Not what I found at all.

Upon wiping my hiney, I was very surprised to see some light bleeding. Not a lot, but definitely enough to be “there”. It was a sort of medium shade of pink, not bright red like you’d expect to see with AF. And there’d been no cramping indicate that AF was on her way, so I was taken completely aback by this turn of events. And of course this would have to happen two minutes before I walked out the door to take Bubby to school.


So I toss in a tampon, throw the baby in his car seat, and away we go. After almost being killed not once, but twice on the commute to my son’s “school”, we made it there (surprisingly) on time. I talked with his teacher for a few minutes (I’ll go more in depth with that in a bit), and then I headed out to take my niece Mindy shopping for a good pair of athletic shoes to work in. She ended up getting two pairs of Asics, which I was thrilled with; Asics are (in my opinion), the best athletic shoes on the market today. I’m also of the opinion that a good pair of athletic shoes are the best choice for anyone who works on their feet, as they’re uniquely designed to support your entire foot, legs and back.

But I digress.

After our adventures in shoe shopping, Mindy and I dropped off her shoes at Mom’s house; John and I have been staying with her since Matt has been gone. We had about a half hour to kill before we picked John up from school. While she put on the “Asics Fashion Show” for Mom, I pulled out my trusty dusty laptop and sent my RE’s office an email asking them about the bleeding. Given that today was only CD 19, I wasn’t due for AF for over a week!!

My niece and I headed to get Bubby. Every time I pick him up, I ask his teacher/therapist how he did in school that day, and what we should be working on at home. His therapist, Miss Amber, is an amazing ABA therapist, and John’s connection with her only deepens as time goes on. To us, she’s become much more than just another of his teachers; John loves Miss Amber like an extension of our family. She’s “his people”!


Miss Amber informed me that John had had a great day today! He’s been in a HUGE developmental leap this week, and has had a language explosion! Just since Monday he’s learned the words: yes, no, oh-no, yellow, Dee-Dee, hi, rock, rope, tree, leaf, choo-choo, yuck, yeah, red, one, two, three, four, six, Mom (my favorite), pink, cat, meow, moo and milk! You can almost see his little mind wrap around the new words! His current favorite word? Ya-woh (yellow).

proud mom

By the time we returned with a very sleepy Bubby in tow, I had already gotten a reply from my RE’s office about the mystery bleeding. I have to say, I wasn’t surprised by their answer, as I had already considered it.

It’s break-through bleeding.

By definition, break-through bleeding is any type of bleeding between periods, and is very common when first starting birth control pills. It can also happen if you miss a pill or two, which I have to admit that I’m guilty of. (I never was any good on the pill anyway.) So at least now I know. So long as it doesn’t turn into lots of bright red AF-type bleeding, I should be fine.

Should be.


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