CD 4 – February 2016

Today’s appointment did not go as planned. Not at all.

It started out just as every Thursday mornings do. I got up at the same time I do every single morning – the moment my son woke me up with his happy chirping over the monitor in my bedroom. I staggered out of the bed, into the bathroom to pee, and then made a beeline for the fridge to crack open the very last Pepsi® we had. As I sipped on it’s syrupy, carbonated goodness, I tossed a single serve cup of caramel flavored cappuccino into the Keurig® and hit the brew button. Yup … it was definitely gonna be a “double hit of caffeine” kinda day.

By this time I could hear my son politely knocking on his bedroom door, signaling to me that he’s had enough play time in his room; he was ready to start the day. I could delay no longer; it was time.

Time to free the Tiny Tyrant from captivity!!

I open to my son’s room wide … and the first thing to exit was the cutest little two year old you ever saw, dragging his Case (his lovey) and his blue blankey behind him in one hand, clutching onto the stuffed Pooh Bear he sleeps with in the other. The second thing to exit the room was the stench that had apparently come from inside the first thing! Woof! That kid’s poo smells like he eats out of the dumpster!

After cleaning him up, feeding him, and getting him dressed for the day, I set about the task of getting my own self ready. And the easiest way to keep a toddler entertained long enough for you to hop through the shower? One of my childhood favorites, of course!

I love it that I can relive my favorite memories through the eyes of my son!

After getting ready we headed to out to attend John’s speech therapy session, which he has every Tuesday and Thursday. His appointment having run behind just a smidge, we hurried to my Mother’s house immediately following speech, so that my niece could keep him while I went to see my RE in the next town over. My friend Hailey met me at Mom’s house to come with me for moral support. And today – I’m tremendously happy that she did.

I was called back quickly today, and while Hailey peed, the nurse hooked me up for my vitals. When I got up on the scale, I was horrified to see that according to their scales I had gained yet another 4 pounds in the two weeks since my last scan!! As I tried to wrap my mind around the fact that I was still gaining weight despite a conscious effort to cut back on my snacking habits, the nurse took my blood pressure and then proceeded to drop another bomb on me – my blood pressure was high. Not sky high for someone with high blood pressure like my sister, but definitely WAY high for me! The first time she took it, it was 157/84. She switched arms, waited a bit and then took it again.

What the HELL?!

I suppose I should’ve known by these two incidents alone that this was not going to be the start of the visit I had planned. We get back there, I get undressed and wrapped up in a sheet, and Hailey and I chatted for 10 minutes or so while I waited for the RE to come in.

He came on in and introduced me to another of his students, and we got started. They dimmed the lights and Hailey munched on popcorn while they “probed” me; I’m just kidding!

A peep at my uterus.

I have to say, they didn’t turn the monitor of the ultrasound machine towards me as far as they have in previous scans, so my pictures aren’t as good a quality. Hailey was convinced that regardless of the arrival of AF, we would see a tiny little baby in there today … needless to say, she was sadly disappointed.

My REs student was doing the scan, and maneuvered the u/s wand to catch a glimpse at the left ovary, which looked exactly as it should on CD 4. She then tilted the wand to look at the right side, and both she and the RE exchanged cautionary glances.


It seems as though there was a follicle that matured last cycle and decided that it liked it’s little comfy spot in my right ovary so much – it decided to hang around.

This wasn’t the best view, but like I said – the angle sucked!

I knew what he was going to say before he said it, just from listening to the numbers my RE and his student were rattling off back and forth as they measured this follie. At 15 mm, it poses too big a risk to move forward with the Follistim/Ovidrel injectable meds this cycle. While he wasn’t entirely clear as to the exact reasoning for the delay, he did mention that if we began stimming the ovaries with FSH (Follistim) that there was a good chance that the large one leftover from the last cycle (which most likely doesn’t even contain an egg in it) would become a “bully” by remaining the dominating follicle, thereby not allowing other follicles to grow to the point of maturity. When explained in that way, waiting makes total sense. It’s still not what I wanted to hear, though.

So what now?

My RE wants to put me on Birth Control Pills (BCPs) for a couple of weeks to shrink the follicle (which is, for all intents and purposes, just a fluid filled cyst). At the end of the two week time span, I would then come back in for another baseline scan and if by that time the cyst/follie thingy had shrunk to an acceptable size, we would go ahead with the Follistim. Sounds great, right?? Only one problem with that idea, Doc.

The Army does not now, nor has it EVER taken the procreation of it’s soldiers into account during the planning of it’s missions/deployments/training exercises.


Considering that my husband will be leaving within a weeks time and won’t be home for roughly a month … starting the Follistim in two weeks will put me ready to trigger about a week or so before Matt gets home! And there ain’t no way in hell I’ll be storing Matt’s “baby gravy” in a Tupperware® bowl at the back of the fridge, just to spend a romantic evening alone with the turkey baster while he’s gone – I don’t care how much rum you throw at me!

Funny Laughing Animals_2
Gotta laugh to keep from crying!

So while the information I got today wasn’t exactly what I had hoped for, there may yet be a silver lining in it. While taking the BCPs for two weeks before starting the next round of injections might not help me at all, taking them for a whole cycle just might! The hubster “should” be home right about the time I’ll be starting my next injections (or fairly soon thereafter) which would put my “fertile window” slap dab in the middle of the leave (the military’s version of paid time off) we’ll be taking to visit family up north. If we’re lucky, my RE will let me trigger either before we leave or while we’re gone. Who knows – maybe we’ll be able to talk Maw Maw into taking the Tiny Tyrant to the park for a few hours while we’re there and we can have the house all to ourselves!!


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  1. thelly says:

    The silver lining sounds like a much better plan. I will have everything crossed for you next month


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