8 DPO – January 2016

Ever have those days where you’ve busted your hiney all day long to finish “X-Y-Z”, and even though you’re exhausted and worn the hell out after it’s done, you can’t help but look around at all you’ve accomplished and go:


That is how I feel right now!! And what makes it even better, is that everything I was able to get done today has been in desperate need of doing for over a month! So at least now when I collapse into bed tonight I’ll be able to fall asleep knowing I’ve earned the right to sleep well!

Remember all the beautiful Christmas decorations that I was so proud of at the end of December? I took them down very soon after Christmas, as an attempt to “normalize” our home again for my autistic toddler; a technique that I have to say worked magnificently! My parent’s have always stored their decorations in cardboard boxes either up in the attic or out in their self-storage unit. I on the other hand, store my decorations in 18 gallon plastic totes with lids. I decided several years ago (after having opened a box of Christmas decor marked “FRAGILE” to find 80% of everything in it shattered), that totes (or tubs, as my mother-in-law calls them) was probably the most durable storage option short of placing my ornaments/candy dishes/snowmen inside a steel box to keep them safe from Matthew’s manhandling ways. So I got one when they went on sale that year just for my breakable decorations; I wanted to make sure they were worth the money. But just one – don’t wanna go overboard or nuthin’ …

I now have 7 green and red tubs (gotta be color coordinated, don’t ya know?!) that are slap full of Christmas crap, in addition to the large dish barrel and 3 smaller boxes that are also slap full of Christmas crap! So when I say that my niece Mindy and I loaded all that mess back up and took it to storage, please know that I mean to say we worked our butts into the ground doing it. Some of those tubs are HEAVY, too!

Once we were out there, we decided that since my son was still napping at Granny’s House, we would organize the inside of my storage shed as well. And we didn’t just organize the mess, we also threw out a truck load of packing paper and other junk that should’ve gone by the wayside when we moved back to Texas from up north two years ago!! It looks so much better in there now, and there’s plenty of room to walk around to get what you want without taking your life into your hands! I was also amazed at just how much of John’s baby stuff I’ve got squirreled away for the next baby-to-be!

These are mainly just clothes!!

So after an exhausting but very productive day, I was finally able to come home and spend a few minutes talking with my husband for a change. Since he’s been in school (yet again) for the Army, he’s been working 7 days a week – we haven’t hardly seen each other for longer than about an hour in almost 2 weeks! Of course, before we came home, I had to run Matthew’s damn tool bag to him at O’Reilly® so he could replace his alternator.


Once I finally got my son (and my husband, I might add), I was able to POAS. All of the tests from yesterday and today have been BFNs, not even so much as an evap line! But when I peed on the one after my boys went to bed, I thought I saw something!

It’s a squinter for sure!

Is this it? Could this be the start of my BFP?? Or is it the very last of the trigger shot leaving my system? There’s no way to know for sure until I see something darkening a lot more noticeably!! I did have some lightheadedness and dizziness this morning while I was loading the tubs into the truck, and a random on-again-0ff-again headache, and I’ve been super moody. Hoping this all adds up to a preggo eggo!

Hopefully we’ve got one implanting right now!

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