6 DPO – January 2016

OK, I’ll admit it. I was totally unprepared for the hormonal whirlwind that accompanies an injectable cycle! As I mentioned in my previous post, the Follistim wasn’t nearly as bad with regards to side effects as the Ovidrel trigger shot was. The obscene bloating only got worse before it got better, and I was in no-kidding maternity pants for a solid 3 days!


I’m about 99.9997% positive that I was suffering from a mild case of OHSS. But thankfully, after spending an entire evening chugging as much Gatorade® (replacing electrolytes was supposed to help) as I could keep down without puking, I woke up feeling much better. Was still bloated, but not as badly. So I’ve kept a bottle of Gatorade® in the fridge to sip on here and there ever since.

I started testing out my trigger on O day, and since then it has faded into naught but a shadow of a faintly positive test. I had hoped that my test lines would begin to darken again with the added hCG from a successful pregnancy before they had faded all the way gone, but sadly, it was not in the cards to happen that way.


If I didn’t know these were positive, I’d almost think they were all a BFN.

And yet, there’s still hope. As today is only 6 DPO, I wouldn’t likely get a BFP for several days yet, anyway. So, because I’m a POAS freak, I will probably continue to piss on my money for the next week or so, in hopes that one of them will yield darker results.

So I’ve gone over the side effects of the first two hormonal phases of an injectable cycle; the Follistim (given to supplement the follicular phase of egg follicle growth), and the Ovidrel hCG trigger injection (which force O’s all mature egg follicles.) The last phase of the menstrual cycle (and during unmedicated cycles, it’s my least favorite), is called the luteal phase. This is known to us TTC-ers as the dreaded TWW. It’s the two week span (give or take a few days) between O and AF if a pregnancy is not achieved. And the hormone that dominates this part of the cycle? Anyone?

Did I hear someone whisper, “PROGESTERONE?”


That’s right! That lovely, pesky little hormone that’s responsible for all the telltale early pregnancy symptoms that are identical to the “you’re not knocked up, you’re just losing your mind” symptoms that happen right before AF shows. In my not-so-humble opinion, it is this hormone that’s responsible for turning perfectly sane young women into stark raving lunatics while TTC. It is also an increased sensitivity to progesterone that is thought to create the misery of Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder (PMDD) that causes me to have so much anger and aggression during my TWW. Fun, right?

Well guess what? Starting from 3 DPO, my RE has me taking 100 mg of Prometrium (progesterone) 2x daily. So now I not only have my body’s natural production of the nasty stuff, I have 200 mg more of it being dumped into my system orally every day.

Can’t ya tell I’m just thrilled?!

In all seriousness, it hasn’t been as bad as I thought it would be. My chief complaint with this new round of devilry is that it makes me tired. And when I say tired, I mean TIRED! It’s nuts. I’ve taken sleeping pills that didn’t make me as drowsy as this stuff does!!


The great news is that I’ve had some of the best sleep I’ve gotten in months since I started the progesterone! And it’s been interesting sleep too, when you take the weird ass dreams into account! I positively love my dreams in the TWW – always have! It’s like “dreaming me” walks around stoned out of her mind!

Well, it’s certainly never dull, is it?

Let’s see, what else? Pot-head dreaming, exhaustion – oh, yeah. I’ve had a super sensitive nose so far in this TWW. I got in my car the other day, and all I could smell was the spot of milk that had leaked out of my son’s sippy cup (between the seats, of course) MONTHS ago! I cleaned it as best I could, and I haven’t smelled it once … until yesterday. Holy cow! It was like the whole car was full of curdled milk! Luckily, I haven’t smelled it since. Maybe it was just my imagination, but it had me driving down the highway at 65 mph with all 4 windows down in 33° F (that’s 0.55° C for you metric fans) weather, blasting the heat like a madwoman! I’ve also had a few bouts of irritability, but that’s been pretty much about it.

So while this cycle has had me more hopeful than any cycle in years, it’s also put my poor little body through the ringer, too. I’ll tell ya what: going through my first round of injectables has given me a whole new appreciation for women who put themselves through this (and worse, for IVF) month after month in hopes to finally achieve their dreams of parenthood. As for myself, I’m still holding onto a few shreds of hope that I might still get to see that beautiful BFP later this week. Keeping my fingers crossed …



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