CD 13 – Trigger Day – January 2016

Remember the giddy feeling I described feeling as I waited for my baseline u/s prior to starting the Follistim injections?

Ya do?! Good!!!

Yeah, that feeling pales by comparison to the one I felt this morning during and after my scan to check on the development of my follies! I roped my girlfriend Hailey into coming with me since Matt was at work; not that I’m a child who needs someone to hold my hand while I get a transvaginal u/s, but because I simply wanted a little company and moral support. So while I disrobed and stuck my clothes under the chair she was sitting on, she held up the sheet they had so generously provided for me to cover my neckid ass with, therefor maintaining some semblance of dignity. Once I was finished, I took the sheet from her and wrapped it around my waist like a toga. Then I hopped up on the exam table and we waited for the RE and his student to come in.

And we waited.

And waited.

And then we waited some more.

Finally, I tucked my toga a little more closely around my waist and moseyed out into the hallway and asked a nurse what was taking so long; my RE is usually very punctual and never keeps me waiting more than about 5 minutes before my appointment. The nurses informed me that another OB had called in sick that day, and so my RE and one other provider had gotten the job of seeing his patients. Joy. I had the only car seat with me, and John needed to be picked up at noon. This was perfect. Less than 10 minutes after I walked back into the room, my REs student came into the room to get things started. They dimmed the lights and started the u/s.

OK, so I’m not a reproductive endocrinologist (obviously) – I’m not even a doctor of any sorts. But even I could tell a difference in the size of the egg follicles today from the way they looked on Monday!! They looked gigantic!! As my RE walked in the room, he took one look at the u/s screen and said, “Oh. My. God.” Not only were the ones I had big, but there were LOTS of them!! (I just happen to have lots of pictures from today, too!)

These are both views of my left ovary.
Believe it or not, this is actually the weakest of the two this cycle!!

Pretty impressive, right?! I told ya my follies looked huge!! And just wait – you ain’t seen nothin’ yet!!

These are all views of my right ovary.
See how this one is my better side this cycle?
These are all DIFFERENT follies!

See what I mean?? They’re both just chalked full of follies, that are plenty big enough to trigger! (Generally a follicle has to be 16 mm or bigger before it is considered mature enough for fertilization and implantation.) You can see below the how much difference just 2 days can make while using Follistim to mature the follies!

So then, my RE did something super cool! He flipped the switch and looked at my ovaries/follicles in 3D. It wasn’t like the 3D u/s pictures you get then you are pregnant to see what baby would really look like; this one was in full color! But it was amazing to me because as he rotated the 3D image I was able to see a real live picture of the follies inside my body! It was one of the coolest things I’ve ever seen!

Here’s the left side. Lots of follies, but not super big.
And here’s the super ovary on the right side!

So once my doctor got all the measurements documented, he decided that I was ready to give myself the trigger shot. I took out the pre-filled syringe (brought it with me just in case), and gave it to myself just like I have the Follistim. And that was it! When I asked him how long it would take for my body to release all the matured eggs for possible fertilization, he said that by 24-36 hours I should’ve fully ovulated. So that means tomorrow is O day!!

I’m so excited I just can’t stand it! I called Matt and told him what had transpired, and even though he didn’t get home from work until after 9:00 tonight and was beat, we still got a quick baby making session in before he passed out! Considering that I’m releasing so many eggs, the RE wanted me to only BD tomorrow, but given my history, I’ve decided to push for BD tonight, tomorrow, and the day after that. I’d rather decide what to do about too many babies than to miss my chance altogether!


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