CD 11 – January 2016

With the help of the hubster this morning (who I had to literally almost drag out of the bed kicking and screaming), I made it to my u/s appointment this morning at 9:20. I wasn’t seeing my RE however; he and his partner were both out today to celebrate Martin Luther King Day. I saw instead a young (rather cute, I might add) OB/GYN who did my scan.

The first thing he said when they dimmed the lights to view the u/s screen was “Wow. You’ve got a lot going on in here, don’t you?” I indeed had a lot of follies in there, but luckily not all eight of the bigger follies we saw on Friday had continued to mature.

For your viewing pleasure, I remembered to snap a few pictures (albeit they’re from a rather steep angle) to show just what the u/s showed!!

Uterine lining (white lines in the middle), showing that I have NOT ovulated this month yet.
Here’s the left ovary. It has the smaller and least number of follies, but still there’s 2 maybe 3 good ones.
Here’s the right ovary. This side has the most and biggest follies of the two. (This is one side of the ovary.)
This is the other side. See what I mean? This guy’s got LOTS of eggies cooking!!

Considering that the doctor I saw today wasn’t my RE, he didn’t feel comfortable making any adjustments to my Follistim dosage and/or scheduling another scan, although he mentioned that my RE would most likely decide to see me on Wednesday to check my follies again. I asked him if I appeared to be moving towards OHSS. He replied that while my ovaries were definitely enlarged and producing multiple maturing follicles, he wouldn’t necessarily diagnose me with OHSS as of yet. The nurse (she’s also the nurse for my RE, so she’s worked closely with him and knows his style) agreed; she said that there was no backup of fluid roaming around my abdomen, and she’s seen many women with ovaries WAY more enlarged than mine were. Whew! That made me feel better!!

I also asked as we were wrapping up the appointment, if the doctor I’d seen today (or the nurse for that matter) felt that my RE would cancel my cycle based on today’s u/s findings. They both said that my regular doctor usually tended to be the riskier of the two REs in their office, and that they didn’t believe that he would cancel the cycle. So that made me feel a lot better! I got dressed and headed out to pick up Matt and John (who had spent my entire appointment in the waiting room watching Pooh’s Heffalump Movie on Daddy’s phone.)

We headed down to the car, and after almost being run the hell over in the parking lot (not once, but twice) before we ever made it to the exit, we headed towards the house. We decided to stop by a few car lots to drive through and begin the process of looking for a bigger vehicle. Matt said his gut tells him that we’ll be needing a bigger car (that can support more than one car seat comfortably) in the very near future!


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  1. jbrittney says:

    I’ve been following you on our TTC group – loving reading this!! I totally just an “AHA moment” of – hold up! I’m over here stressing over “what’s wrong with me” when HELLO – YOU ONLY HAVE ONE EGG EVERY MONTH!! DUH!! Kind of made me start to see things in a new light 🙂


    1. 2frsty says:

      Thanks! How long have you been TTC? And don’t stress! I know, I know – easier said than done!


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