CD 8 – January 2016

Today I went back into see my RE for a scan of my follicles, to see how/if they were maturing. Considering that the military had a 4 day weekend to celebrate Martin Luther King Day, my husband Matthew was able to come with me! We got there right on time, were quickly taken back to the exam room. As I was getting undressed from the waist down, I chuckled as I realized that I was standing there in half of my glory, feeling quite exposed, and I noticed that my husband was smirking at me. Unbeknownst to me, I evidently mutter under my breath as I’m undressing to have my girlie parts violated by an ultrasound probe; he thought the whole scene was hilarious. I quickly, and with all the lady-like candor I could muster in my current situation, flipped him the bird and started walking toward the table with the stirrups sticking out of the bottom of it.

As I was about halfway finished wrapping myself in that oversized napkin the OB/GYN doctors so lovingly furnish you to cover yourself with (although let’s be honest – just about all your dignity has flown right the hell out the window by this point), and there’s a quick knock at the door followed by a turn of the knob. A nice hispanic sounding lady asked if I was changed and I hastily informed her that I was only half finished! She excused herself and said she’d be right back and left – I, on the other hand, hauled my big ass up on that exam table in record time after that! She came back in a few minutes to switch out the u/s probe, and a few minutes more after she left, the RE and his student came in. I introduced them to my husband (who was playing some “shoot ’em up” game on his phone in typical ‘bored husband’ fashion), they dimmed the lights and away we went!

I’ll have to admit that the RE’s student is a bit on the rougher side than the RE himself; at least that’s what I thought until I realized that my sensitivity to the probe wasn’t due to her lack of finesse, but rather from all the increased estrogen surging through my girlie parts as a side effect of the Follistim. (Incidentally, estrogen is also the culprit behind the vomiting I have been having trouble with after giving myself the injection if I’ve not eaten enough.) As the two doctors are looking at my scan, I notice their eyebrows going up a tiny bit. I was a bit shocked at their reply.

It seems that my body has responded to the Follistim really well – apparently I have eight follies maturing at this moment.

I’m sorry, did you say that I have EIGHT follies maturing???

It’s true. Actually, I had more than eight visible follies, but there were eight that had grown big enough to be worth measuring. My RE said that with the number of follies that I have that are big enough to be “in the running” to fully mature, I am at a substantial risk of developing Ovarian Hyperstimulation Syndrome (OHSS.) In layman’s terms, that basically means that we will have stimulated my follicles too much, and that it could potentially be a bad thing. If left unchecked, OHSS could land me a stay in the hospital, and no one likes hospital food, right? I wasn’t able to get any cool u/s photos of MY ovaries, but in case you’re wondering what the ovaries of a woman with OHSS looks like, I’ve found a couple on the Internet that are pretty close.

My images were much clearer – I’m kicking myself for not getting a picture!!

So what does this all mean for me? Not exactly sure. If all eight follies continue to develop to maturity (above 16 mm), then my RE will cancel the cycle. By “cancel the cycle” I mean that he will want me to not use the Ovidrel trigger shot that will force my body to release all of the mature follicles, and avoid sex altogether. Why? One reason. If eight mature eggs are released and Matt and I get “down & dirty” during my fertile period, theoretically all eight eggs could become fertilized and then implant into the lining of my uterus – thereby making me an Octo-Mom. Um, no. I don’t think so. And neither does my RE.

However … I do believe that I’m going to trigger anyway (regardless of what the u/s says) for the simple reason that I believe that regardless of whether there’s eight mature eggs or a hundred – God isn’t going to let more eggs become fertilized and implant than He wants me to have! I go back in on Monday morning for another u/s and hopefully I’ll have some more information about what’s going on inside my own body. (And I’ll do my best to remember to get a good picture while I’m lying there!)



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