CD 5 – January 2016

Have you ever been so insanely excited about something that you’re literally giddy as a school girl?? Yeah. That was me earlier today, for a few separate reasons, albeit they are all pretty much linked together.

I had just gotten my son John ready for “school” this morning, and was grabbing his jacket from the coat hook by the front door, when there was a loud KNOCK on it. Considering that I was on a mission to get my autistic 2 year old out the door in time to not be late for therapy, I didn’t even notice that there was a FedEx deliveryman walking up the front walkway to my door. Needless to say – that man scared the crap out of me! After my heart started beating again, I opened the door to see a very good looking man (hey I’m happily married, not dead!) in a FedEx uniform standing there with a rather large box that I needed to sign for. It took me a second to remember what in the hell I would be having delivered; we’ve been like most people I know, and broke as a joke ever since Christmas. But once I looked at the return address and saw Freedom Pharmacy as the sender – my heart skipped a beat all over again! I thanked the nice man, and proceeded to slam the door in his face with excitement as I ran to the kitchen to open my package.

It’s here! It’s here!!

My first delivery of real, no-kidding fertility medications had arrived!! Yesterday, while I was on the phone with the pharmacy, they informed me that they would need to switch my prescription from Follistim to Gonal-F, due to the fact that my insurance would only pay for the Gonal-F brand for some reason or another. I authorized it of course, and never thought another thing about it. I was extremely surprised to see that they had indeed sent Follistim instead of the Gonal-F! Surprised, and then suspicious. I snatched the receipt out of the bag of paperwork, bloody terrified that my insurance had denied coverage and they’d sent the Follistim anyway, charging my mother’s credit card for the full price of it (this round of meds was part of my Christmas present!)

Ya know why I believe that God has definitely got a plan for my new TTC journey? Because my insurance paid for all of the cost of the medications, minus my copay! For the Follistim and the Ovidrel we paid a $20 copay for each, with a combined total of $40; Freedom Pharmacy doesn’t charge anything for shipping. We paid $40 for medications that cost $1,825 if we’d had to pay out-of-pocket!

I placed all of my meds in the fridge (they need to be refrigerated), dropped Bubby off at school, and headed to my appointment with the RE. Because the Follistim will be maturing multiple follicles at a time, I’ll need to be monitored every few days via u/s – today is my baseline u/s to check and make sure that everything is good to go for this cycle. And guess what? IT IS!

My uterus (the little white line in the center is the lining.)
Right ovary (all the little black spots in the center are follicles.)
Left ovary (you can see the follicles here, too.)

No cysts on my ovaries, no weird growths, and the lining of my uterus is nice and thin like it’s supposed to be at this stage of my cycle. All is well in the baby motel at this point, so I was given the green light for injectables this cycle!!

I went home, and gave myself the first injection. I dialed up the dosage (150 mg as instructed), took a deep breath, and did it. Not nearly half as bad as I thought it would be! The needle is tiny, and after the initial prick of pushing through the skin, I didn’t feel the needle at all! I could feel a teeny bit of pressure as I pushed the medicine through, but that was it! I did notice that I got a wee bit of a headache and some very slight nausea afterwards, but it didn’t last very long at all so I’m not complaining! Here’s to hoping …!!


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