13 DPO – January 2016


“I have to be honest with you – your level of infertility is EXTREME.”


Those were the RE’s words today verbatim. I just sat there; I didn’t know what to say, but I thought for half a second that I was going to vomit right there. He went on to explain:

“You are O-ing on your own with no medications; your P4 level this cycle was a 16.8. Your husband’s semen analysis is fine. Your HSG shows that both tubes are completely open. The transvaginal u/s showed that while your uterus is retroflexed, its shape and size are fine, and both ovaries look perfect; no evidence of PCOS. Your blood work has all come back perfectly normal. And yet despite all this, you’ve only had one pregnancy in the last 15 years; not just that you have only one child, but that you’ve indeed only been pregnant ONCE. You have extremely severe “Unexplained Fertility.”

I always expected that I would break down in tears when I finally heard from an RE what I had known my whole adult life:

i'm broken

But I didn’t. The closest I can come to describing what I felt at that moment would have to be “numb.” It was almost like I’d shut down emotionally. I started to grab for my purse, since he was obviously telling me that I’ll never have another child, when I heard him say:

“But there’s hope!”

First thing I thought of was, “Oh sure there’s hope. It’s called IUI/IVF and it comes with a humungous price tag that I can’t afford.” But since he’s such a nice doctor, I decided to hear him out. After all, I got a sitter for this.

“I’m not going to lie, our options are pretty limited. The OBs you’ve seen before have thrown loads of Clomid, Femara, Progesterone and Metformin at you, and they’ve all been no help whatsoever. We’ve already established that you’re O-ing on your own. We really only have 3 options available for us at this point. 1) IUI – $800 + meds per cycle, and is NOT covered by your insurance. 2) IVF – $9,000 + meds per round, and is NOT covered by your insurance. And 3) you can try injectable Follistim (FSH) and Ovidrel (hCG), and since you’d be using them with timed intercourse and NOT artificial incemination of any kind … they ARE covered by your insurance!!!”

Guess which option I chose …!!

And the best part is that he’s perfectly OK with starting with this very next cycle!! As soon as AF shows (which should be tomorrow), I will send his office an email stating that AF has arrived. They will contact their supplier of Follistim (a place out of Pennsylvania, I think) and Ovidrel, and they will overnight them right to my door. I’ll start using the Follistim every day with the little pen-type syringe thingy.

Follistim Needle
You insert the vial & dial up the dosage. Pretty easy, right?

I’ll be coming in every few days for u/s monitoring of my egg follicles to see how many I have maturing and how large they’re getting.

This is what we hope to see.

Once they’ve reached a mature size, the RE will give me the green light to give myself the Ovidrel trigger shot, which should force ovulate ALL mature follies.

Ovidrel Needle
This one looks a bit more intimidating …

By forcing ovulation of multiple follies, we should have a MUCH higher chance that at least ONE of them puppies gets fertilized and does the trick!

Multiple fertilized eggs

I walked into the RE’s office yesterday feeling down about the whole process, was hopelessly depressed by the middle of the appointment, and walked out feeling more hopeful than I have in years! I’ve got my fingers crossed and I’m praying that this allows me to FINALLY carry, deliver, and hold another precious baby – or two!

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  1. Angel Wolf says:

    I wish that I could give you just a portion of my fertility… I am praying that you and Matt (and John) will soon have a new bundle of joy to hold and love (and spoil). I wish you all of the happiness in the world and I know how much another baby would mean. I will keep my fingers crossed that this finally works for you! I love you!


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