6 DPO – December 2015

Well? Is today the day? Is today the day where our “baby-to-be” begins the implantation process???

Statistically speaking, while it is possible that a fertilized egg will begin the implantation process today (I say process because it take several days from the day the blastocyst reaches the uterine wall – intent on setting up housekeeping there – until it is completely encapsulated within the wall itself), however it is not probable. Studies suggest that implantation takes place between 6-12 DPO, with the most probable day falling on 9 DPO.

For a quick refresher on implantation, click here.

implant 8-9 days
For those among us who’d enjoy a visual aid!

Now, given that the RE has me on zero meds to help with ovulation, I had no idea what to expect for this cycle. I believe that I O’d last cycle on my own, but since I wasn’t able to get my progesterone level checked at 7 DPO, I can’t be positive. THIS cycle however, I know that I have O’d. My boobs have never been this sore in my entire life, to include during the pregnancy of my son! Hell, even water from the shower damn near puts me in tears, but they’ve also grown in size – almost a whole cup size! And for me (the president of the Itty Bitty Titty Committee) a whole cup size is a humongous deal! At least for the time being, I’ve taken to shelving my Bombshell® bras, and have broken out my nursing bras from while I was breastfeeding Bubby. It’s glorious!

Other than that, I have nothing to report. Not a thing. I’ve been exhausted, but I’m not sure if that’s because of the TWW or if it’s from the hustle and bustle of the holidays! I’m dying to POAS, though! I think I may do one on New Year’s Eve, just so I can drink with a clear conscience!


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