CD 11 – December 2015

Today is an exciting day for me for a couple of reasons! The first is that with the exception of one gift for my niece, I am FINISHED with my Christmas shopping!! I won’t divulge just how much I spent on holiday shopping this year (if my husband knew how much I spent he’d have a duck), but suffice it to say that it’s been considerable. And I can feel like a good Mommy as well, since a couple of the “toys” I got for my son are indeed educational toys designed to help him grow and develop. Go me!

So last night was spent wrapping a butt-load of gifts after Bubby went to bed. Even got the hubbage’s help through promise of pain and suffering if he refused! Then came the task of rearranging the living room to get them all under the tree. There’s still a few more to wrap; my poor body was too tired after having braved the mall with a 2 year old. But seeing the tree loaded up like that has definitely put me into the holiday spirit!


Not all of these are for me, Matt, or John you understand; the gifts that I’ll be bringing to my sisters for our big family exchange are under there as well. At the moment there are full laundry baskets sitting in front of the tree to deter the Tiny Tyrant from fiddling with boxes or bows; we’ll see how that works out!

But the most exciting event today came in the form of peeing on my OPK. While I’m not gonna pretend that it’s a +OPK just yet, it is very close!


Even though I only got a box of 7 OPKs, I think I’m going to pee on another one this afternoon/early evening to see if I can get my surge this month. Then once I’ve nailed my LH surge, all I have to do is send my Dr an email letting them I’ve detected it, and they’ll set an appointment for me to have my progesterone tested in 7 days so that we’ll be able to find out for sure if I did in fact O this month. Because I’m sure everyone remembers that a +OPK does not mean that you have O’d, just that your body tried to.

But as for now, I’m just going to enjoy running like a mad woman until Christmas, and then I’m gonna sit on my ass and love on my kid while he plays with his toys. A friend of mine may be going in labor this week and I told her I’d keep her 1.5 year old daughter for her so Daddy could be there. So we may have an extra guest for Christmas! I hope so! She’s adorable!


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