CD 9 – December 2015

Remember the stomach bug we had that was on a war path through my entire family last weekend? Well, I spent the greater part of last Saturday night and Sunday morning sanitizing my entire house to help Matthew avoid catching it when he got home from the field Sunday night. Well – I wasted my time. He started tossing his guts up at midnight last night.

Fever, chills … the whole 9 yards. Oh, and just a forewarning for those who have never had the “pleasure” of experiencing this with their spouses … the “Man Stomach Flu” is way worse than the dreaded “Man Cold.” What’s this Man Cold that I speak of? I’ll sum it up:

A visual aid for the newly married.

I found this online the last time my husband had the dreaded Man Cold, and I laughed so freakin’ hard that I cried. It is soooo true! I have to say however, that my husband is like me – neither of us toss our cookies easily. I’ve got a niece that pukes anytime she gets the sniffles; Matt and I are not like that. So for him to be up all night long retching, he is clearly very ill.

The bright spot is that he finally gets to sign out on “Leave” today from the Army. (For the civilians among us, “Leave” is essentially paid time off. Soldiers accrue 30 days of leave every year while in the Army, and they may use that time during the holiday season, etc.) While soldiers are on Leave, they can not be called in to work for anything short of a national emergency. So as of today – my husband officially belongs to ME for the next couple of weeks!

happy dance

And wouldn’t ya know it? When the hubster got out of his Jeep to go sign out on Leave, he noticed that the right front tire was really low. While he went in to sign out, I got out and sure enough – there was a small puncture hole in the sidewall of his mudder tire. PERFECT! This is exactly how I wanted to spend my husband’s first day of leave; as if him having the plague wasn’t bad enough!


We plugged said hole with a stick and some duct tape (yeah, I just went there!), and limped it to Firestone. Because it was in the sidewall, repairing was out of the question; it must be replaced. So we ended up spending $300 a week before Christmas that was not in the budget, but thankfully we had it.

I left “Typhoid Larry” and our son with my Mother and went to Target to finish up the majority of our Christmas shopping. Another $367 down, and we are now almost finished. Thank God. I am so ready to be finished with the holidays! We finally got home and I was able to pee on my OPK for the day; I know I should’ve taken it with me and done it at the same time as yesterday, but 10:00 pm was the earliest I could manage it.

Definitely moving in the right direction, but still a long way to go!

Hoping tomorrow proves much less eventful! John’s therapy was cancelled for tomorrow morning, so if all goes well we’ll be able to have a relaxing morning at home in our jammies!


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