CD 8 – December 2015

Whew! What a busy day! The vast majority of today’s “busy-ness” came not in the form of TTC (I mean, come on … there’s not really anything TTC-ish that you can do before O), but rather from the overly involved process of decking the house with strands of lights! Having had a 15 month old toddler by myself last year while hid Daddy was in Korea, I told the hubbs that I had a hard enough time keeping up with the Tiny Tyrant; I certainly don’t have it in me to decorate both the inside AND the outside of this house. So … I chose the inside, of course!

This year however, aside from a two week trip to the field that brought them home around mid December, there is NO REASON AT ALL that my husband couldn’t/shouldn’t help me to decorate the outside. In all honesty, if Matthew had his way, our home would look like the residence of the Griswold’s second cousin! (Y’all I’m not even kidding. Not even a little bit.)

I count myself among the few very lucky women who can say that their significant others genuinely enjoy decorating for Christmas. The weather was super nice today, and while Daddy climbed around on the roof like an ape, Mommy was lining the entire front walkway and both sides of our driveway with stakes and lights, searching out and obtaining obscenely long extension cords, throwing said cords up onto the roof so Daddy could plug them in, and lest we not forget: I was also on baby duty for our son. UGH! But all of it was worth it in the end, and my OCD paid off! Of course, the fact that some are blinky lights and some aren’t, makes me a crazy person. We’ll try to get a bit more hung tomorrow, but we’ll just have to see.

None of the bulbs are burned out; a few are just not lit up because they’re in mid-blink.

I am so excited about the way they all turned out! Exhausted, but happy nonetheless! I finally got it finished around 5:30 – just in time to come in, feed the Tiny Tyrant, bathe his little hiney, and then put him to bed.

While I had him in the bath, I remembered that I had picked up some First Response OPKs earlier at the grocery store. So I peed in a cup and dipped it.


There’s definitely a line there, and it darkened a bit more than this over the next 20 minutes or so. Nowhere nearly as dark as I need it to be, but at least I’ve got a jumping off point to start from! FX it’ll be darker tomorrow!


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