8 DPO – December 2015

Hello there once again. I would begin this post with an outpouring of heartfelt apologies, if only I felt apologetic for my lack of posts as of late. I will however, do my best at atoning for my absence with a good excuse …

And given that I’m located in the great state of Texas, I thought this was appropriate!

Yes my friends, the holidays have descended upon Frosty Acres, as I am almost 100% positive they have at your home, too. As most everyone knows by this point in my blog, I am the lucky Mommy to an amazing, gorgeously autistic little boy (John turned the big 2 this past September), the supportive wife to a Staff Sergeant in the US Army, and the devoted daughter to a loving mother with COPD. While everyone seems to find themselves a little busier this time of year, I am finding myself barely clinging to the threads of my life as it rockets into warp speed during the month of December!

What hasn’t gone into over-drive this holiday season, is TTC. As I said in my last post, this cycle is almost as boring as it gets for me. The RE wanted to get blood work done on CD 3, but considering that my son came down sick that morning, it didn’t get done. So sue me. What’s he gonna do, send the “Blood Work Police” after me? I know it’s important; I really do. But snuggling my baby boy when he’s sick is way more important! Since this is my first cycle, the RE decided to have me do at least one cycle without ANY meds on board; he even nixed my Metformin, since it can affect O. He wanted to see whether or not my body would O on it’s own. And ya know what? Pretty sure that it did! With having a sick Bubby and (worst of all) a sick Daddy too, the hubster and I were only able to BD once on O day, and once the day after – if we get preggers this cycle, it’s totally a God thing! With Matt on the Army’s schedule and me on John’s schedule, we just don’t get much “alone” time, if ya catch my meaning.

The main focus of my whacked-out schedule is (and probably will be for the next 18+ years) running my son to and from all of his therapies. He has therapy in one form or the other on every single weekday. It’s exhausting for me, but the hassle of getting him to and from “school” has totally paid off in that my essentially non-verbal toddler has almost DOUBLED his vocabulary in the month and a half that we’ve been adhering to his strenuous therapy scheduling!

proud mom
Super proud of my Bubby!

* Can I just say that my biggest issue with taking my son to therapy every single morning is that it forces me to get out of my jammies and put on a bra. Go ahead and admit it – you can relate better than you’d like to admit … *

In addition to the therapy mileage being put on my poor car, I’m also dealing with the fact that I’m married to a soldier. Matthew was transferred to a different unit before Thanksgiving, and wouldn’t ya know it – he left for the field the day after coming back from the Thanksgiving holiday weekend. (For those who don’t know what “going to the field” means, it’s where soldiers actually go out into a relatively remote area to do what soldiers do; in short, they go out there for a certain amount of time to train for war, and become proficient in their job duties, with little to no communication with their families here at home.) So not only am I the sole owner/operator of Toddlers Therapy Taxi Company, I am now in charge of paying all the bills, and purchasing all of the Christmas gifts as well. Yay me.


Have you ever heard the saying, “God never gives us more than we can handle?” Yeah, well …

i'm a badass
Pretty much.

While trying desperately to sneak a nap in at my mother’s house as John was at school last week, her phone rang. The quartz countertops she ordered from Spain are in, and they’ll be there to rip out the old countertops and install the new beautiful ones in two days (last Thursday.) Oh, and the cabinets have to be COMPLETELY empty inside. Everything must come out of the bottom cabinets.

You’ve got to be kidding me, right?!

There’s crap under those cabinets that hasn’t seen the light of day since we moved in … over TWENTY YEARS AGO! But alas, they were not kidding. I looked at my niece Mindy, we rolled back our sleeves and got to work.

This was one instance where Matt’s being in the field came in handy. Since I didn’t have him home to worry about (making sure dinner got cooked on time, washing his uniforms, cleaning up behind him, etc), I loaded up mine and Bubby’s essentials (clothes, jammies, cloth diapers, etc) and headed to stay a few days at Granny’s house. It worked out to be mutually beneficial to both of us; I was able to get the kitchen stuff relocated to the formal dining/living rooms, and she was able to help me with Bubby, allowing me to run a few errands without having to tote him along.

The crew came in and made short work of the old laminate countertops, and within a few hours they had the new quartz tops in, sealed, and cleaned. The plumber came the next afternoon to install/reconnect the new faucet and stove top. Then came the daunting task of putting everything back, but I insisted that we go through everything and separate out the items we didn’t use anymore to be sold at our spring yard sale. It took me, my niece (helping before she went to work every day), and my mother 3 days, but the end result was breathtaking!

I reduced the amount of appliances/items on the counter to a minimum – I felt a “less is more” approach was the right way to go.
I absolutely love the way it all turned out, and Mom does too!

So all-in-all, I’m pleased with the way this holiday season is shaping up to be. Once I get Matt home to help me finish the last bit of shopping/wrapping, the days won’t feel nearly as stressful. Since I’m finally finished at Mom’s (for the most part), I can use the rest of the time with Matt gone to clean and decorate my own little house. So far the only thing I have up is the tree, which came out so very pretty this year! Keeping a toddler out of it is proving more difficult this year than it was last year, that’s for sure!


Symptom wise, this TWW has been rather uneventful, which considering the madness of the rest of my life, I look at as a blessing. My boobage (especially on the left side) has been getting sorer and more swollen each day. I can’t help but hope, but given our lack of well timed BD, I’m not allowing myself to hope too much. I couldn’t help myself; I just had to POAS once we got back home tonight, which was of course a blaring BFN.

I knew it would be a BFN, but I just couldn’t help myself!

Hopefully I can keep myself busy enough to keep my mind occupied for the next few days, in order to avoid the urge to POAS … somehow I have the feeling that it won’t be hard to keep busy this month!


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