CD 2 – November 2015

First thing’s first. I have to apologize for my lack of posting during my TWW last cycle. What with the insanity of my life in general (Mom to an autistic 2 year old, daughter to a chronically ill mother, and the ever supportive Army wife), combined with the fact that two of my closest friends suffered the loss of their pregnancies (one a spontaneous m/c and the other a blighted ovum), I have simply not had the desire to post much. I’ve thought about it a dozen times, but I just could not make myself sit down and do it.

So here I am, at the beginning of yet another damn cycle. I am happy to report that AF so far this month is being rather generous; almost no cramping and fairly light flow. Today marks the turning point in our TTC process however. I finally had my initial appointment with the Reproductive Endocrinologist (RE) who specializes in fertility.


Admittedly, I’d be even happier if I hadn’t spent a half hour before my appointment driving through, in, and around bucket loads of construction, traffic, and in every direction on a compass, just trying to get to the hospital! At least once I found the place, I also found decent parking, and the nurses there were super nice. They got me back and got my vitals really quickly (I could’ve done without them showing me my weight), and then it seemed like everything ground to a screeching halt! I spent almost an hour sitting up on the exam table with my pants in the chair next to me. And to add insult to injury, my phone died completely, so I didn’t even have Facebook to keep me company! I waited so long that I had to pee – TWICE!


So the doctor finally came in (a very small man, I must say), and he and his assistant performed a quick transvaginal pelvic u/s. They said that everything looks good! They were able to see that my uterus was very retroflexed, but said that it looked normal. The RE also said that both ovaries looked very good, and he couldn’t see any signs of PCOS at all!

Finally, some good news!

So that was the “Good News” part of the appointment. The “Bad News” portion came in that at this point (since I had definitely been O-ing on both the Clomid and the Femara), they have NO idea why I haven’t conceived. He wanted me to bring in the results of Matt’s semen analysis, as well as a CD with the results of my HSG that was done at the Army hospital. He wants me to get blood work drawn tomorrow morning, and to use an OPK to detect my LH surge with a progesterone check done 7 days later to check for ovulation.

So what’s our new “Game Plan” for this new cycle? Nothing. We don’t have one. Well, not really. This first cycle he wants me to not take any meds to help he TTC process along; not Clomid, not Femara, not Metformin – nothing. He wants to find out what my body is doing on its own. In truth, I’m kinda torn about this. My head understands that it’s a good thing that the RE wants to get a good baseline going on with regards to TTC, so that he’ll better have an idea of what we need to do in the future. But my heart is so terribly sad. I’ve come to believe that in order for there to even be a chance of getting pregnant, I’d need to be taking something to make me O. So even though I
know that it’s possible to conceive on my own, I just don’t have much faith in my body to behave the way it’s supposed to. We’ll have to see. I’m not sure if I should get my hopes up this month or not. I guess it’s a good thing that he wants to do this now; Matt is supposed to be in and out of the field for the next month.


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  1. shay says:

    don’t give up! December is coming up and you might get a fantastic Christmas present again! 🙂


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