3 DPO – November 2015

Today marks 3 days since the big O day, and besides throbbing boobies, I don’t have hardly anything to report. Well, sore boobs and a zit the size of New Hampshire on the right side of my nose that could’ve rivaled any teenage boy on prom night. Even I, the one who seems to have pissed Mother Nature off royally in some way or another, have to admit that I skated through the whole “acne/zits/pizza-face” stage of life rather unscathed.

born lucky

That being said, I did get the occasional pimple or two right before AF showed, even way back in my middle school days. I remember that back then I always seemed to get them on my chin, whereas now I get one or two on the sides of my nose when my hormones are going haywire. (I also remember having them on my chest and upper back more than I did on my face, as gross as that sounds.)

Why did I wake up with a monster pimple today when AF is almost two solid weeks away? Hell if I know!! My guess is that because I just O’d 3 days ago, my hormones are still elevated enough to cause a zit to invade one of the pores under the nose pad of my glasses. Bright side: since said pimple is under the nose pad of my glasses (and since I’m blind enough to need them 24/7), no one even noticed, not even me after I put my glasses back on. So there’s that, I suppose.

Like I said, nothing to report. I’m hoping that tomorrow is a little more exciting at least. I mean, John and I didn’t even get out of our house today; it was that boring!


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