2 DPO – November 2015

Today was an AWESOME day! About the only two things that could’ve made today any better would be to have heard my son call me “Mommy” for the first time, or to have gotten a blazing BFP! Why was today so fantabulous, you ask? Mainly for reasons completely unrelated to TTC, but TTC did play a small part in today’s joy as well.

My son John started “school” today (intensive ABA therapy for his autism), and while I was very nervous about how he would do meeting/working with a new therapist, today he once again surprised me! He did GREAT! The first hour of his session was spent allowing him to play freely while Mommy and Granny talked with and got to know his teacher, Ms Amber. John tends to have more difficulty with the transition of people than of places, so the fact that he was totally fine spending time with this new strange lady was blowing my mind! Ms Amber gave my mother and I a brief tour of the facility where he’ll be learning (it used to be a public elementary school, so there’s plenty of access to the gymnasium, playground, etc.) After the first hour was over, his teacher asked if Mom and I would leave for the remainder of the session, so as to allow some one-on-one connection/bonding time between teacher and student. So I quietly snuck out the door, careful not to jingle my keys, trip over my own feet, go crashing head first into the nearest wall, ya know – my usual stuff. Mom and I ran up the road to Walmart, and made good use of our free hour; we were able to pick him up another pair of boots and jeans for Equine Assisted ABA (as long as we don’t get rained out), which starts tomorrow.

I am soooo hoping we can start Equine tomorrow!
I am soooo hoping we can start Equine tomorrow!

Other than the super proud Momma moment from school today, it’s been a pretty uneventful day. The most interesting thing goings on in the baby making business today was the super sore boobs, and a slight increase in CM. Both of which indicate a decently strong O for me, which is great news!!


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