1 DPO – November 2015

Judging from the +OPK I got on CD 12, combined with the O cramping I felt later on that night, I’m gonna say that it’s a pretty safe bet that yesterday was O day!


I apologize that I didn’t post yesterday, but things have been a tad on the busy side for us here at Frosty Acres. A week ago today, John woke up from his nap with a fever of 104.2 degrees. Took him to the ER and they said he had an ear infection; we filled the antibiotics, and started them that very night. The next day during a diaper change, I noticed that Bubby had several red bumps on his hiney, but it totally didn’t look like diaper rash. Then it hit me – I don’t think he has an ear infection at all. Matter of fact, I was willing to bet my life that my son had Hand Foot & Mouth Disease (HFMD), although I hadn’t the foggiest idea where the hell he could’ve gotten it! We hadn’t been around any kids! So I scheduled a follow up with his normal pediatrician for the next morning. Sure enough, it was HFMD. Before it was all said and done, he had painful blisters on both hands and feet, up and down both arms and legs, on/in his mouth and lips, in his ears, in his nose, and his poor little bum looked TERRIBLE! I didn’t even want to touch it to change his diapers!

Needless to say, the past week dragged on sooooooo sloooooowly. On Thursday, Matt was given some good news: because he had done so well and had been the only soldier from his entire battalion to have graduated the Combat Leadership Course (CLC), his chain of command had decided to give him a surprise 4-day weekend! (Everyone else who went to the course but failed in one event or the other were given a 3-day weekend.) I was thrilled!! I knew that (given my O-ing history) I should be O-ing sometime during Matt’s 4-day, giving us plenty of time for BD-ing! Throughout the past several cycles, Matthew has been rather indifferent to the whole TTC process, often complaining that he feels used; almost as if sex has become more of a job than a pleasure. Couples who have been on the TTC Crazy Train for a while often feel this way, especially if the woman’s male counterpart isn’t as “into” the whole TTC process as she is. Although I’m not sure what’s changed, this cycle he has been much more interested, even wanting me to tell him ahead of time when I am “supposed” to O. And wouldn’t ya know, the time to BD just happened to be during his 4-day!

And this weekend, I was prepared. Not that I ran out and bought a sexy new teddy or a bag full of adult toys to spice things up, but I know my man; let my hair down for the “wild windblown” look, put on his favorite perfume, slip into one of his button down shirts (and nothing else but a smile), and I’ve got him exactly where I want him!

Ooh La La

Physically, today was pretty light as far as symptoms go but there’s not much that you’d expect to see/feel on 1 DPO. I had an increase in CM, and some relatively significant soreness in the boobage department. I felt very tired all day long, but the chances that my exhaustion came from an increase in progesterone and not from the fact that the Tiny Tyrant I live with kept me up almost all night, are pretty slim. Last night was definitely not my best night’s sleep, and John and I were running back and forth from one therapy session to another all day. (Have I ever mentioned that I positively detest running errands?) I suppose that the fact that my life is about to become oober busy (with the more intensive therapies for John’s Autism beginning this week), will actually help to keep my mind off the TWW for a great portion of the time. We’ll see how it goes!!


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