CD 8 – October/November

Today is day 8 of what will be my final cycle before we begin working with the Reproductive Endocrinologist (RE.) The timing works out beautifully actually, because I only had one more cycle left of Femara that the doctor I’d been seeing at the military hospital. I decided to take them on the standard CD 3-7 regimen, to hopefully balance out the quality/quantity ratio. Research has shown that taking the medicine early in the cycle (CD 2-6) will likely produce more eggs, but taking them later on in the cycle (CD 5-9) will usually result in fewer, more mature eggs. The vast majority of doses are prescribed for CD 3-7, which is generally thought to be the “best” balance between the two. This information is accurate for both Femara and Clomid. (John was conceived using a CD 2-6 regimen of Clomid.) Since I’m trying to give myself the best possible chance at a BFP this month, I decided that starting back on my Metformin wouldn’t be a bad idea either (might even help me lose a few pounds!)


I’ve also ordered some Wondfo OPK strips to check for O this cycle as well. Last cycle I tried the NTNP method, in hopes that it would help to lower my stress/anxiety about the whole process – yeah, it failed miserably. Considering that I didn’t get any strong O cramping, no spotting, no EWCM, nothing to indicate that my body was O-ing at all, I had no idea where I was in my cycle … it damn near drove me up a tree! I’ve decided that “not knowing anything” is way more detrimental to my psyche than obsessing over every miniscule detail!

So onto this last cycle. Hopefully this one will take the cake, and we’ll be able do it on our own!!


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  1. shay says:

    i think the time is coming for us! i also took a negative test, but that was yesterday. i don’t understand why this morning the same test said positive…. the test line was very very faint but definitely there. i think i will test again in a few days.


    1. 2frsty says:

      It’s called an Evap Line.


  2. shay says:

    yeah ive figured that out, read up on it a little this morning.


    1. 2frsty says:

      Blue dye tests are NOTORIOUS for evap lines if read after the 10 minute time schedule. Keep the faith – it won’t take too long!


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