CD 1 – October/November 2015

Last night was a very long night for me here at Frosty Acres. I managed to get into bed at around 11:30 (which everyone knows is very early for me, and was brought out of my slumber by the sound of music. It took a minute or two for my mind to find it’s way out of the fog of Dreamland, into the darkness of my bedroom, and a second or two more to identify the musical number I was hearing. Oh, yes. I know that tune. It’s the “Hot Dog Song” from the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.


My beautiful son had rolled over on the “the toy from hell” that my Mother had insisted she get for John at Walmart the other day. It’s a singing, talking Mickey Mouse, who says a few of his signature sayings, and also sings the “Hot Dog Song.” She had bought him the same exact toy several months back, but he had sadly bitten the dust. John was devastated; he just loved that thing! We looked everywhere for a replacement, but we couldn’t even find one on the Internet. Luckily he forgot about it, and life went on – until we saw it at Walmart. She HAD to get it for him, and so I put it in his bed like I used to. Well, last night he rolled over and squished the hand that makes Mickey sing. And he sings loud!

I was hearing this all through the baby monitor in my room. We didn’t waste a crap ton of money for one of those creepy video monitors, but I wouldn’t survive without my monitor! I laid there not moving or making a sound, like anything I did or didn’t do would make a difference as to whether or not Mickey woke John up. Nonetheless, I waited for an eternity to see whether or not he would wake.

And he did.


Usually when something like this wakes him up, it’s generally pretty easy to get him back down. Ha! Not last night! All in all, John was up from 12:30-5:15 this morning. That’s the bad news. The good and bad news is that during that 5 hour span of time when I should have been sleeping, AF decided to show her ol nasty self up on my doorstep, asking me to put her up in the guestroom for a week. Although I was bummed that I was once again not pregnant, I was however, THRILLED that I had been up and conscious when AF started. Not that it’s not time to change my sheets anyway, but nothing pisses me off quite like waking up in a puddle of blood in the middle of the night and having to hurl your 165 pound husband onto the floor while you strip the sheets, clean yourself up, change jammies, put said blood soaked crime scene sheets onto wash, and then try to step over the snoring lump on the floor to put clean sheets back on the bed. Good times, right?

Thankfully, that’s not what happened. I WAS surprised to see AF this soon at all though. It was almost 4 days early, and it was most definitely NOT implantation bleeding! My assumption is that I actually O’d 4 days earlier than I should’ve, and the reasoning for that was the one pill I took of Soy Isoflavones on CD 2. I could be wrong and it could just be my body screwing with me again, but I doubt it. So this month I’ll be avoiding Soy Iso like the plague, and will be getting some cheap OPKs. My initial appointment with the RE isn’t until the 18th of November, which incidentally is the day after I’m supposed to start AF again, if we don’t conceive this month. Matt is actually on board this month, wanting me to give him a heads up of when I’ll be O-ing, so maybe that’ll help. Fingers crossed that I end up not needing the RE for fertility at all!!


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