17 DPO – September 2015

To My Not-So-Dear Girlie Organs,
Not Respectively AT ALL,
~ Your Owner

Apparently it isn’t enough for my uterus and ovaries to laugh at me month after month, but now they’re toying with me like a cat with a mouse. Even judging by O cramping alone, I shouldn’t have been so off on O day that it’d justify me being this late. And judging off last night’s POAS escapades, it’s pretty damn obvious that AF is coming. So why the hell is my body screwing with me so badly this cycle?! It’s madening!!


Because of the confusion of this cycle, I think I’m going to chart my BBT next cycle so that at least I’ll have a better idea of when exactly I O’d. I know that even if I O’d a few days late this cycle, there’s practically no chance that I’m pregnant – this wasn’t exactly our very best BD-ing cycle. Last cycle was awesome; we were having sex like two teenagers!

So now I just wait. And try to keep myself busy, of course. I don’t think I’ve been more antsy to have AF come in years and years. Not that I have a love affair with my tampons, but I am sooo ready to start the next cycle. I’m scheduled for a pelvic u/s on the 30th of September (5 days from now) to see what’s going on with my insides. The doctor I am seeing is wanting to do all the baseline testing there at the military hospital so it won’t cost me anything out of pocket when he sends me to see the RE. Hopefully we’ll get good news from the results of the scan. My doctor is out on leave until this coming Monday (figures) so hopefully he’ll call me then and put in the referral.


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