15 DPO – September 2015

Well? Anything?? Is she coming, is she not coming … what the hell is going on???


Before Matt left for Korea a year ago (Lord, has it been a year already??), it was pretty common for my LP to run 15 days long. By common, I mean practically every month. AF arrived on 16 DPO almost without fail for about 7 out of the 9 months we were TTC before he left. AF showed a few days after he left, and about a week after that I had a Mirena IUD (Intra-Uterine Device) inserted. Now a lot of women like me who have PCOS do not do well on the Mirena, but I was told by my doctor that since I had just had an HSG done (the test where they run dye through your girlie “pipes” to make sure there’s no blockages), he wanted me to go on birth control for the entire time Matthew would be gone to kind of “preserve” my fertility, as it were. So I did, and I LOVED it! Once the initial month-long spotting subsided, my moods leveled out, my periods were every 28 days and very light – I felt like a sane human being for the entire time I had the thing inserted (for the first time since I started having periods at 9 years old!)

Big smile emoticon

After I had it removed in April to give my body time to get back in the swing of things before Matt got home, my LP has been running an average of 14 days long, with AF showing in full force on 15 DPO. And upon checking my CM on 14 DPO, there is usually a tiny bit of light pinkish/brown spotting mixed in with the creamy CM. Not last night. Not today either, for that matter. My guess is that I probably O’d a day or so later and that the old hag will be a day or two delayed, but will indeed show.

I had an appointment this afternoon with the doctor that prescribed my weight loss medication. I figured that since I guess I am technically a half a day late for AF, I’d have them run a quick urine HcG pregnancy test, just to make sure. When I tried explaining it the nurse what my line of thought was for requesting the test before being an entire day late for AF, I damn near had too break it down “Barney Style” for her. I said, “Look. I know that I’m not late by your standards. But considering that the medication I’m here to get refilled is a prescription strength appetite suppressant and technically an amphetamine, I’d like to make sure that I’m not pregnant so that I don’t start taking it and give birth to a baby with two heads!” Finally she understood. She handed my my cup and told me where the restroom was, and I tootled down the hallway to POAS – well, sort of. Awesome thing about it? The cup she gave me with came with this little handle that you slide the cup down into so that you don’t have to piss all over your hand to make sure you get it in the cup! I’d never seen anything like that! So ya know what? I totally stole that damn thing! It’ll make POAS much easier (and more sanitary, too!)

So here I am sitting in this doctor’s office waiting for her to come in an tell me that I’m indeed NOT pregnant, write my scripts, pat me on the ass, and send me on my way. The soreness in my boobs has all but gone away, and I have a zit that popped up on my chin like a teenager getting ready for their first prom; all signs that The Witch has already landed her broomstick and is on her way to my front door. What’s odd though, is that I haven’t had the headache and the diarrhea that I normally get the days immediately prior to AF. So I’m not sure what’s going on. What I do know is that I’m looking forward to my pelvic ultrasound on the 30th. Maybe (by the grace of God) we’ll see a baby in there … More than likely I’ll just see ovaries that look like grape clusters, but I’ll have a baseline before I see a specialist. So I waited for the doctor to come in and give me the results of my test.


She finally came in and informed me of what I already knew: my pregnancy test was a stark white BFN. Well, now I know for sure. I don’t know what makes it seem more final when it comes from a doctor’s office; the tests they use are exactly like the ones you get for home use, they just charge you $60 more to take it! The appointment wasn’t a complete bust however, since the doctor used to work in the OB department of one of the better hospitals in the area and she had the names of two fertility specialists that are local and have very good results. So I’m encouraged! Now for AF to just get here so I can start the next cycle. I think I’m going to chart my BBT again this cycle, so I’ll have more info to take with me to the specialist. As much as it sucks to know it wasn’t this month, I’m more excited to TTC again next cycle than I have been in a few months!


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