12 DPO – September 2015

Aaaannndd here we are. We’ve managed to make it all the way to 12 DPO. So far I’ve gotten indent after indent, evap after evap. My headache is completely gone for the most part (at least for now), and the soreness in mah boobs isn’t far behind. Yes, they’re still sore, but nothing compared to how they felt a couple days ago. My guess? AF is less than 3 days away. I used my last FRER this morning just for shits and giggles:

Not a damn thing. Figures.
Not a damn thing. Figures.

So. Once again, here we are. Another cycle down in the TTC world; another cycle where I didn’t get pregnant. And to add insult to injury, Matthew and I have been fighting all damn day. I’d say about 75% of our pissing match falls on his shoulders, since he found it necessary to start fussing and complaining at me less than 10 minutes after he got out of the bed. The other 25% of our arguments (there have been several spats today) are the result of the anger I struggle with from the PMDD. I hate feeling this way. I have to say that since I’ve been more diligent in taking the Zoloft that I’ve been prescribed specifically for PMDD, the rage I usually feel has been reduced to moderate annoyance. I suppose that it’s not totally over until the fat lady sings, but I’m not gonna hold my breath. Like I said, the girls are still pretty sore – I think they’re actually a lot more sore now than they were earlier today (or yesterday, since it’s already 1:59 in the morning.)

So I suppose I’ll turn in for the night. The loving hubbage gave me a ration of crap off and on all day long today about the dishes not being done and the laundry needing washed, so I’ve stayed up half the night to make sure they got done and that he feels like crap as soon as he gets up in the morning to get ready to go to work. He seems to forget how much of a bitch I can really be; probably because I’ve changed the way I fight. Now that I’m older – I may argue with him for a while, but I eventually just bite my tongue and wait til he goes to bed and put him on a guilt trip the next day. I’m like a dragon who will lie sleeping for a hundred years but will still burn your ass if you piss it off enough. Muahahahaha!

affairs of dragons


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