9 DPO – September 2015

So. 9 DPO, huh? Surely, if I felt implantation the other day (like I think I did) at 6 DPO, I’d almost definitely get a BFP now, right? I mean, I know it takes a couple days for the HcG to build up in your system, but 3 days ought to be enough for at least a faint BFP. Bubby slept all night last night (totally jumping for joy inside right now, for real), and I got a solid 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep to build up my FMU. After all, my boobs are hurting way more today than they have been. Let’s do this!!

Oh yeah, that's right. I keep forgetting how much Mother Nature loves to screw with me.
Oh yeah, that’s right. I keep forgetting how much Mother Nature loves to screw with me.

As you can plainly see, that’s about as BFN as BFN gets right there. Ugh. Once again, I was soooo sure I’d get to see those glorious two lines, and once again my hopes and dreams were dashed against the siding of my quaint little government housing. Dumb. I knew it was dumb before I pulled the damn test out … and yet, I did it anyway. Ya know something? The clinical definition of “insanity” is performing the same task over and over again, expecting different results. I suppose that would make just about every long term TTC-er clinically insane. I never thought about it like that! Jeez. I could’ve done without that.

Anyhoosits, I had a doctor’s appointment at 10:30 this morning, so I took John to my Mother’s so that I wouldn’t have to wrangle the Tiny Tyrant and fill out paperwork, talk to the Dr while changing a poopy diaper, etc. After said appointment, John and I hung out at Granny’s house for the afternoon. During the weekends while Matt is home, we don’t spend much time at my Mother’s house, so I try to spend a decent amount of time with her on Thursday and Friday so that she can spend lots of time with John. While he napped today I snuck off to Target to pick up a gift for a little girl having a birthday party this weekend. While I was there … I caved. I picked up a box of Clearblue +/- and a box of FRERs. It was dumb. Like I said: insane, remember?

One of each in natural light.
One of each in natural light.
Obviously tweaked, but not sure I can trust the results.
Obviously tweaked, but not sure I can trust the results.

Because I’m a glutton for punishment, I peed on one of each; well, dipped them into the same pee sample. I could’ve sworn I saw a very, very faint line on the Clearblue, so I dipped the FRER and I’m pretty sure it’s a BFN. I can see a line on both, but I’m not sure if it’s just the indent/antibody strip that I’m seeing or a no kidding line. In truth, that’s probably exactly what it is. Because that’s my luck.

Murphy's Law


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