6 DPO – September 2015

OK, so I’m gonna go out on a limb here and say that I’m pretty sure that this may be our month after all! Today is 6 DPO, and I’ve had some very “out of the norm” symptoms today. Usually the symptoms I experience during the TWW are pretty predictable – sore boobs, fatigue, moodiness – that sort of thing. Nothing like what I experienced earlier today.

I started getting a headache out of the blue today around noon; I always get one right before AF and when a storm blows in (from the change in barometric pressure), but there’s not even a light rain shower on the radar for the entire state of Texas, and AF isn’t due until the 24th at least. I had just put a new wax melt in my Scentsy pot a little bit after the headache started, and while I put my favorite scent in it, I got nauseous after it started melting and it seemed to be very overpowering; I just figured it was the headache making me queasy, so I ate some oatmeal and laid on the couch while the Tiny Tyrant napped. While I was lying there, I had a few hot flashes so I turned the fan on.

hot flash

The headache eased up a bit, but came back later on in the day. Then around 6:00 tonight I started having some cramping really low that seemed to ebb and flow and lasted for a few hours. And all day I’ve had a ton of CM, which is unusual for me. So I started doing some research on implantation, and while at the time I didn’t connect all the dots (it was the nausea that really threw me for a loop, as I almost never get queasy), I read that these are ALL signs of implantation. OMG! I think I may have implanted a little Snowflake today!!

This model shows implantation occurring around 6 DPO, which would be TODAY!
This model shows implantation occurring around 6 DPO, which would be TODAY!

I could’ve not experienced implantation symptoms just as easily too, and this may just be me reading more into what my body is doing. I really have no idea. What I do know however, is that I now have a little bit more anticipation about what my results will be if I POAS.


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