5 DPO – September 2015

Holy cow! How is it already 5 DPO?! I feel like this is the calm before the storm though. Like, I haven’t turned into a crazy person yet, but I’m sure it’s coming. I’m wondering if it has anything to do with the fact that I have zero HPTs in the house. None – that’s a first for me in a LONG time!!

So today was a fabulous day for me! The girls weren’t nearly as sore today, which helped to put TTC even further into the back of my mind. I did notice however, that I have spent a fairly large span of time in the loo today, peeing like a Russian racehorse! I usually pee more than the average person (at least I think I do), simply because I’m a big time soda drinker. And for those who don’t know, soda (of any kind, but citrus sodas (like Mountain Dew and Mello Yello) are much worse) is a diuretic, meaning they make you have to pee! Don’t believe me? Drink a soda and wait – I bet that within 30 minutes after finishing it, you’ll be doing the “Pee Pee Dance” outside the bathroom door (that’s assuming someone’s in there.) For those of us who drink way more soda than water (admittedly, I drink next to none), it will feel as though water has the same effect on our systems. And the reason for that is simple: If you’re used to drinking water, your body will be freer of toxins, and it can use the water to hydrate you right off the bat. If you hardly ever drink water and start chugging it down out of the blue, you may as well plunk your butt down within 50 feet of the water closet; you’ll be in there every 10 minutes. That’s because your body is using the water you’re ingesting to clean itself out and flush itself of all the nasty crap soda puts into our kidneys, etc. After a few hours the urge to wee will lessen and you can resume life in the living room like the rest of civilized humanity!

Or you could just go pee again!
Or you could just go pee again!

Hopping off the soda train, increased trips to the potty can also be an early sign of pregnancy, and many women report having to pee more frequently during their TWW. I have noticed this to be true for me as well. However, 5 DPO is way too early for even the earliest pregnancy symptom! Most babies don’t even implant into the uterine wall and begin producing HcG until 6 DPO at a minimum, with 9 DPO being the most common date; baby can even take up to 12 DPO to implant! It’s my personal opinion that the vast majority of women claiming to be in the bathroom peeing “all the time” really aren’t; they are just paying more attention to their bodies since they’re actively TTC. Think about it – how often do you pee in a days time? 10 times? 20? I have no idea how often I pee, because I never keep track!

The one feeling I experienced more than usual today that I know can be attributed to the TWW is the fatigue. It hit me hard today! I think the reason that I felt like I could fall asleep at the drop of a hat was a combination of increased progesterone from O, and the fact that the Tiny Tyrant was up from 10:30 last night until 2:30 this morning. Ugh! I was exhausted before my day even started!

That's how I feel too, kid.
That’s how I feel too, kid.

I can happily say however, that I was able to pull it together enough today to get myself and my son up, dressed, and even a coat of makeup slapped on (just got a new creme for my Rosacea that works wonders), in time to make it to church! It was Bubby’s first time going to church. I was nervous how he’d do in the nursery with the other kids (he’s got separation anxiety when away from me), but he did OK and Matt and I got to enjoy a service together! I was a nice way to start the day. Then we got haircuts for the boys, and came on home for nap time.

I just love lazy Sundays! I washed all of Matt’s uniforms for work on Friday afternoon, so I didn’t need to worry about anything; didn’t want to have to jump through hoops at the last minute. I’m getting a slight headache now before bed, but I’m assuming it’s from the fatigue.

Tomorrow is 6 DPO. Miss Eggy “could” begin the implantation process tomorrow IF we were successful!



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