I Have A Dream …

Actually I’ve had several, but we’re probably not thinking of the same kind of dreaming. I’m not talking about the “One day I wanna have a husband, two kids, a dog, and a house with a white picket fence” kinda dreaming. I’m actually talking about … dreaming! You know, the kind you do at night while you’re sleeping?

vivid dreams

Aside from the more well known physical symptoms experienced by most, if not all women at some point in their respective TTC journeys (ie. sore boobies, bloating, fatigue, random acts of rage, etc.) One of the less talked about (but no less common) experiences shared by many women is the presence of very vivid dreams. I don’t necessarily mean scary or frightening dreams, although I’m sure there are a few unlucky ones out there who’ve had them. I’m talking about the ones that feel so real that you’ll wake up racking your brains to figure out if that was a dream, or some memory of a past event. Some people experience what’s called “Lucid Dreaming” during their TWW, which is basically knowing that you’re dreaming while you’re still in the dream. (To be honest, the whole “Lucid Dreaming” thing still boggles me, but some people swear they have them. Who am I to argue with them?!)

Personally, I freakin’ love dreaming during my TWW! I seriously look forward to going to bed every night. For me what sets the vivid dreams of the TWW apart from other dreams that I’ve had is the fact that I can always remember them. At least for a short while after waking. The majority of the dreams I experience during my follicular phase (also before I was TTC at all) leave me with a certain feeling upon waking, instead of a memory of exactly what happened in the dream. Like I may have been dreaming about my Daddy and I may wake feeling a little sad; I may even remember that the dream was about Daddy, but that’s all I’d get. No details. Ha! My TWW dreams are way better than that! I’d also have to say that during the TWW my


Like, really weird. There was one night that I dreamed all night long that Matthew was cheating on me with a bunch of different girls. Now, Matt can be a royal ass, but one thing he’s not is unfaithful. And I know that. My brain knows that. But for some reason (maybe it was my own insecurities coming out to play, who knows), in my dream he was sleeping around with every Sally, Jessie, and Sarah in town. And in the dream he forced me to watch! Which for me, would hurt me way worse than just knowing that he’d been slingin’ that ding-a-ling all over the county. I don’t remember exactly what it was that woke me up, but something did. And I woke up in tears … and pissed. (Remember that my brain knows he wouldn’t ever cheat on me, but my emotions didn’t at the time.) I was so angry and hurt and I was just a Hot Mess – so I balled up my fist and punched him right in the shoulder. Which in turn woke him up. I repeated the story about the dream, and told him not to mess with a hormonal woman. 🙂

That’s just how real they can be. So what can you do about them? Not a damn thing! Unless you’d like to get on birth control and stay on it through menopause to avoid ovulation and in turn, the TWW. If that doesn’t sound appealing, then buckle down. Moreover – have fun with them!!


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