3 DPO – September 2015

Woo-Hoo! It’s FRIDAY! Time to let my hair down and


Oh. Wait. I can’t. Why not? That’s easy. Because I’m a


I always thought I’d miss that part of my life – the come and go whenever, drink whatever and whenever; basically running with my hair on fire – but I don’t. Don’t get me wrong, I miss going out with friends and all. I just love my life as a Mommy way too much to sit and pine away for some life that wasn’t really worth living anyhow!

Today started off with a cannon blast at 6:30 in the bloody morning. I won’t bore anyone with the mundane details of the past few days, but I will say that yesterday Matthew had a new tire put on his Harley. He was scheduled to attend an Advanced Riders Course on post today. My Brother-In-Law (BIL) who is a certified mechanic, got the new tire, took it somewhere to have it mounted on the rim and balanced (he has a mobile Harley repair shop and doesn’t have the necessary machine to do it himself), and then mounted the whole thing back on Matt’s bike last night. So Matt was truckin’ along on the highway at 75 mph headed to the course this morning, when BAM! His front tire goes completely flat and the seal between the tire and the rim was broken! He was between two cars (also going 75 mph) and was still a mile from the exit. He managed to keep that Harley upright, rode it the mile to the exit, down the exit ramp, and over to the military checkpoint at the entrance to post.

*A bit of info on motorcycles in general for those who may not be very familiar with them: If you’re driving along in a car with 4 wheels on the ground and all of a sudden one tire falls completely off, it’s not a gigantic deal. Why is that? Because you still have 3 wheels on the ground to keep you level and on the road. Sure, you’ll need to get it fixed right away, but you should be able to make it safely to a mechanic. None of that applies to a motorcycle. If you’re riding along and one wheel suddenly comes off the rim/goes flat, you have but one good tire touching the ground, and it will do NOTHING to keep you level.*

My husband “should’ve” died today, with everything that happened. I am so very thankful that God had His hand upon Matthew this morning! Turns out that the valve stem (the part you connect the air hose to to fill the tire with air) had come completely off the tube inside the tire! There was nothing that Matt or my BIL did wrong to cause it, nor could they have done anything to prevent it. The shop that mounted the tire did one of two things. 1) They didn’t screw the valve stem in tight enough when they mounted the tire, or 2) they used the old tube from the tire they replaced, which replacement of the tube is part of getting a new tire. Either way, it was their fault. Matt and my BIL went down there this afternoon after Matt got off work to talk to them; they came and towed the bike to their shop and fixed it at no charge. Matt said they were really nice about the whole thing. And ya know what?? They freakin’ should’ve been! They damn near killed my husband today!!

So after I zapped my heart a few times to make sure it was still beating, I went about my day. Today was a really good day, craziness of the morning excluded. I wasn’t too exhausted from all this rotten progesterone, and I wasn’t too bitchy either! I got a lot of stuff around the house done so I wouldn’t have to mess with it this weekend; laundry, vacuuming, etc. The Tiny Tyrant was being very helpful today as well. There are few things I enjoy more than spending 45 minutes loading the dishwasher because the toddler ran off with the dish I just put in!

I think it was!
I think it was!

Other than a few tiny twinges in my “ovarian region,” I have nothing terribly interesting to report. I’m hoping to see some implantation bleeding in the next few days, although I didn’t get any when I was pregnant with John. So who knows. I swear it’s like everyone I know is popping up preggo lately, and I’m starting to lose hope. But since I did O, I guess it’s not over til The Witch shows her ugly mug. Fingers crossed!!!


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