O Day – September 2015

It seems as though today is the big O day. Judging by the darkness of the Advanced Digital OPKs from last night (I think I caught my LH surge on it’s way back down) and the amount of cramping I’ve had both late last night and again this morning, I’m betting that if I didn’t O late last night, I will have before I go to bed tonight. The hubby decided to work through lunch today (was dealing with a troublesome soldier), so hopefully we’ll be able to BD tonight while Bubby is in the tub. Neither of us really enjoy “bath time sex” but considering that Matthew literally goes to bed before our son does, that doesn’t leave much time for BD-ing.

Other than a pair of fairly sore boobs and mildly cramping ovaries, there’s not a lot to report on the symptom front today. I suppose that the oober-doober greasy face and a few tiny pimples could be attributed to O as well. But that’s literally it. Nothing too out of the norm.

Today was a busy day (more like a busy morning) with appointments for John. While “practically perfect in every way” in Mommy’s eyes, our son is rather developmentally delayed; his vocabulary consists of only a handful of words, most of which are not clear enough to be understood by strangers. He hasn’t ever pointed at/to anything; he rarely mimics sounds or gestures, although he has made some awesome leaps and bounds in this department in the last few weeks. Physically he’s perfect. If anything, he’s a bit physically over developed. He just turned 2 years old this past Friday, and has just outgrown his 3T clothes, putting him into a solid size 4T!

My big boy!
My big boy!
He's STANDING on the top step in the pool here.
He’s STANDING on the top step in the pool here.

So after the Tiny Tyrant’s busy morning (he had ABA at 8:00, his 2 year check-up at 9:00, and OT at 11:00), I think him and Mommy are going to just enjoy each other’s company today. We very well may play in the sprinkler after he gets up from his nap and has lunch. I better take advantage of this “lack of symptoms” before the hormones of the TWW turn me into Ms Hyde!


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