CD 11 – September 2015

OK, so ya know how I said I wasn’t going to do anything TTC related other than my Femara this month on CD 4-8? Yeah … so …

I lied.
I lied.

I assure you, it was totally a “little white lie” that was completely unintentional! I had absolutely no desire to TTC at all this cycle; it wasn’t until I felt a very light crampy sensation coming from the general vicinity of my ovaries that I even thought to check my Fertility Friend app – which is when I realized that, based off O dates from my previous Femara cycles, tomorrow should be O day! The hubbage and I have BD’d the past two days, with last night’s romp ending in my legs propped up above the headboard of our king sized bed for 15 minutes; an attempt to help Matt’s little spermies swim with gravity, instead of against it.

I had the "Love Endures" made for this very spot - it's what we try to live every day of our marriage by.
I had the “Love Endures” made for this very spot – it’s what we try to live every day of our marriage by. (Please don’t mind the shameful lack of a pedicure.)

True to avid TTC-er form, as soon as I realized how close to O my body was getting I ran to the bathroom to pee on something! I had two sticks left for my Clearblue Advanced Digital OPK, so I popped one of those bad fellas in, peed in a cup, and dipped it.

My GOD, how long do these damn things take?!?!
My GOD, how long do these damn things take?!?!

I decided that since a “watched pot never boils,” I’d go ahead and get the Tiny Tyrant off to bed and tidy the living room while I waited for this stupid thing to quit thinking and give me the results. Now before I post this picture of the strip itself, I’d like to give you my hypothesis: The Advanced Digital OPK from Clearblue is designed to begin testing rather early in your cycle, since it not only measures LH (which rises immediately before O), it also measures oestrogen which rises around 2 days (give or take) before the LH surge – hence identifying the 4 most fertile days of a cycle. I believe that since you are “supposed” to begin testing before either of these two hormone surges, the first reading will always be a “LOW” reading, seeing as it would need to set a baseline, right? Makes sense to me! I don’t have a clue if I’m right or not, but that’s my guess. I also know that once you do get a “PEAK” reading, the test line on the inserted stick (as can be observed as you eject the strip) will be as dark or darker than the control line, just like a cheaper | | test would be. I’ve never gotten a “PEAK” reading that wasn’t that way.

Now since my dumb self didn’t begin testing several days ago like the test is designed to do, I got a “LOW” reading on my OPK tonight. I just figured I was wrong about O day, but when I ejected the test stick, it looked like this:

Looks like a "PEAK" reading to me!
Looks like a “PEAK” reading to me!

And if it’s not a full on “PEAK” reading, then it’s at least a “HIGH” reading, right?! I’ve gotten boatloads of “LOW” readings from these things; most of them had a barely visible test line. Certainly not one that’s a gnat’s eyelash away from looking identically like the control line!! I’ve still got one more test strip left, so before bedtime I’ll test again to see if the reading changes. If it stays the same or gets darker, then I’ll assume that tomorrow will be the big O day, and that the next day will be 1 DPO for me. Matt and I have started BD-ing every other day so he can build up the volume of his “Baby Gravy,” to hopefully give them the best possible shot! Come on down, Little Miss Eggy!


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