16 DPO / CD 1 – August/September 2015

Well – I’m not even sure what to call today! When I got up this morning it was business as usual; the Tiny Tyrant was happily trashing his room and enjoying himself thoroughly, Matthew was home from PT and was getting dressed to go to work for the day, and after I went to the loo, I came out to enjoy my first morning Pepsi and unstiffen from the night before. The next time I made a visit to the water closet, I noticed a tiny spot of very light pinkish/brown on the panty liner I had worn the night before. So I checked my cervix and sure enough, there I found a little bit more. I’ve decided to give the Softcups a go during my menstrual cycle this time (ya know, what they’re actually designed for?!) So I put it in and went about my insanely busy day. Now you can wear a Softcup safely for up to 12 hours, but I decided to remove it at around 7 hours just to see how much I was actually bleeding. Oddly enough, there wasn’t much at all. Quite a bit of creamy CM mixed with more light brown blood with a few itty-bitty streaks of light red.

Now I was always taught to believe that the first day of your period is said to be the first day of bright red flow, so I’m not exactly sure what to call today. Should it be 16 DPO since I’m still not experiencing any bright red/full flow? Or should I call it CD 1 since I’m almost 100% certain that this is the beginning of AF? I find it amazing that after nearly 24 years of having AF visit me every single month (minus the 9 months I was pregnant and the 10 weeks afterwards before my cycles returned), I am still confused by the nasty heifer.


In other news, I called the fertility clinic in Austin I had been researching to see what my out-of-pocket costs might be after my insurance covered their share. I was super excited, because they advertise that they offer a 25% military discount! Turns out that they don’t accept my insurance at all. Ugh. I thought this would be the answer I was looking for; I’d be able to have a more personal experience, rather than having to go all the way to San Antonio where I’d be just some other patient. So I got on the Almighty Internet, and found another clinic in College Station; a bit further away, but they accept my insurance. So all hope is not lost.

I suppose that there’s still nothing to do but wait to see what my body has in store for me. My gut tells me that AF has finally arrived, and that I’m on to the next cycle. I just hope I can get in to see the Reproductive Endocrinologist (RE) soon enough to begin treatment this cycle…

And if AF’s arrival was the cake, the fact that my poor baby has come down with a rotten cold would have to be the cherry on top. Not only a cold, either; he’s also got a yeast infection and a nasty case of diaper rash that stems from the yeast infection. So not only is he a miserable little snot-factory, but he’s “butt-hurt” too … literally! Last year during the cold & flu season Frosty Acres was hit hard. Not with the flu, but with plenty of colds, a terrifying bout of RSV, and a miserable case of HFMD for Mommy andJohn. That being said, I became very adept at dealing with colds. Before John had even gotten through in the tub tonight, I had the crib wedge under his mattress protector to elevate his head, the electric Vick’s Vaporizer ready to be plugged in, the Johnson & Johnson’s Vapor Bubble Bath was in the tub (I threw in a couple drops of peppermint essential oil as well), and John had already had his Dimetapp Cold & Flu. This winter will find a much better, more experienced Mommy to contend with than last one did!


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