13 DPO – August 2015


Today was a pretty good day! John had Occupational Therapy this morning and his OT was willing to meet us at my Mother’s house so that we could use her pool as his Sensory Integration Therapy. He did SO well! Swam all over that pool like a fish (he totally gets that from his Daddy, because I don’t care for swimming that much), and flat wore himself out! 😄 He had a great nap afterwards and then we went home to spend some time with Daddy; he’d been on duty for 25 hours the day before and John was missing him fiercely.

Since I was able to keep myself relatively busy, it helped to take my mind of TTC for a few hours. Which in my case is a fabulous thing. I love being a Stay-At-Home Mom, but if it’s not a busy busy day, I often find myself with an excess of time to stress over and worry about little things – especially whether or not we’ve managed to make a baby this month! I POAS first thing this morning but just like yesterday and the day before that (and the day before that), it was a BFN.

I figured that I may as well use this blue dye test; I didn't have to pay for it, so it wouldn't make me as sick!

Of course I backed up my results from the blue dye +/- with an OSOM and a VeriQuick test (wasn’t going to put all my eggs in the “blue basket!”)

BFN as usual.

And quite surprisingly, those 3 tests have been the extent of my testing today. Usually 9-12 DPO are the very hardest for me; a few cycles ago I went through an obscene number of cheap Internet dip strips between 7-14 DPO. By the time I get to 13 DPO without so much as a shadow of a BFP within the 10 minute allotted time frame, I’ve pretty much convinced myself that it isn’t going to happen for me that cycle and I give up. Well, mostly give up; I usually still POAS using FMU or SMU until AF shows up. The witch is due day after tomorrow. Somehow I don’t think I’ll be getting a BFP between now and then …


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