8 DPO – August 2015

Today was a better day than yesterday with a tad less ridiculous drama involved. So that was a plus. Also on the plus side (at least I’m interpreting it as a plus) is that I noticed a great deal more creamy CM today. As aforementioned, I am not among the ranks of the “gloriously gooey” women of the world, so what I describe as noticeably more “moist” might just be the norm for most. What I can say with a strong degree of certainty that I made many trips to the loo to attempt to “tidy up the ‘Puddy Tat’,” if ya catch my meaning … I take this as a good sign, as many women report an increase in CM in the very early days of pregnancy!

In addition to the fluids Down South, the fluids Up North were on red alert today as well – I spent a great deal of time walking around my house feeling like Pavlov’s “Slobberin’ Dog” sitting outside a church on Sunday! It was AWFUL! I had so much drool going on that I could’ve made a fortune in a middle school math class selling spit balls! I’m also taking this as a good sign, since increased salivation can be indicative of a dead rabbit.

Other than a briefly mild headache (likely caused by the storms we had passing through Central Texas yesterday), I really didn’t have much else in the way of early pregnancy symptoms to report on today. There was a brief bit of excitement on our street earlier; apparently there was a minor gas leak in the corner house across the street from me. I knew nothing about it until I noticed through the window (I try to open my blinds every day to use the natural light as often as possible instead of needing to turn on the lights – I live in Texas for crying out loud. It’s not like we have a shortage of sunshine!), that there was 3 fire trucks, a Military Police Car, an ambulance around the corner, and the fire chief was parked in my driveway! So I texted my neighbor 2 houses down from all the commotion and asked her if she knew what was happening. She of course didn’t know either, so we stood outside on our porches, gawking at all the flashing lights like we were gonna see something scandalous. We didn’t and after I realized that while I was rubber-necking the neighbor’s house, my 2 year old was in the process of shredding my living room. Again. For the 723rd time today. Ugh. This kid has been in the Terrible Two’s for months.

But the most exciting thing of all for me today, is that my OSOM pregnancy tests arrived today!! Which by the way, is the reason that I was paying such close attention to what was going on outside!! They came in a nice, neat little box, not a ziplock baggie like you get the cheap strips off the Internet in half the time. I had saved a bit of my SMU from this morning (because I’m classy like that) and so as soon as I got my son down from the curtain rod he was hanging from – just kidding, he wasn’t really hanging on the curtain rod but I bet if I’d have left him alone for much longer he would’ve been – I had that box open and was headed for the Cup O’ Pee that I had hidden from my son (and my husband, if the truth be told), hell bent on getting that super duper early BFP. Ha-Ha. NOPE. Not even close. But at least now I know what a BFN looks like in person on an OSOM test. Oh, and like a moron I accidentally deleted the picture of my HPT from today. I’ll try to remember not to ditch the pictures from tomorrow’s tests. Maybe tomorrow will be the day I get my BFP!! A great way to wrap up this crappy week!! We’ll see …


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