6 DPO – August 2015

I’ve made it to 6 DPO without hitting up every Dollar Tree in the tri-county area to buy them all out of stock in HPTs! Dollar Tree HPTs (New Choice is the brand if I recall correctly) have recently come out of the shadows of being labeled an “OK pregnancy test if you’re late, but ya get what ya pay for” kind of test. It has since earned a fantabulous reputation (at least in my forums and close TTC friends) as being one of the most sensitive and best HPTs on the market! Once again – I digress. Ugh.

Today was not my best day in this TWW. As a matter of fact, I’d go so far as to call it my worst day so far. It started off as normal as usual, although I did wake up at the butt crack of dawn with my husband – don’t ask me why man, I just work here. So after attempting to make polite small talk to start the morning off right, I was very impolitely told that I was “… messing up my routine; this is my time to enjoy some quiet before the day starts.” Oh, excuse me. I didn’t know that getting up early enough to toss the chickens out of the henhouse before the rooster crowed, showering, getting dressed, snarfing down the least healthy food in the house (this morning’s breakfast consisted of Dorito’s and grape juice), and playing Frozen Free Fall on your phone (it’s addictive, do not download this game – I’m totally hooked and it’s all Matthew’s fault) was such a relaxing time of day for you. I would complain that “I” don’t get to have relaxing “me” time, but that’s not entirely true; after both my boys are in bed, the night is mine. Which is when I usually get the opportunity to type away, venting my frustrations and excitement to someone who cares to hear/see them, because other than a brief run down of what’s new with this cycle – I’m pretty positive Matt could give a rat’s ass less about my CM, how many HPTs I’ve really taken, or any other part of it. He’s a very straightforward man; he wants straightforward news, answers, etc. He wants to hear me say, “Matt, I am definitely, 100% sure that I’m pregnant.” So do I, dear. So do I.

Morning was truckin’ right along and going pretty well. John was in a destructive mood today, so while he wasn’t being bad per say, he was most certainly being a huge pain in the butt. His Occupational Therapist came and brought a toy with her that is designed to help improve their balance and coordination, etc. John loved it! It’s called a Rody. Apparently they’ve been around for a long time, but I’d never seen one before. John loved it so much so, that OT helped me make up my mind about what Mommy and Daddy will be getting him for his birthday a couple weeks from now. 17 days. In 17 days, the beautiful baby I waited so very long for will be turning TWO YEARS OLD! I can’t hardly even process it.

About halfway through OT’s visit I put John down for his nap (the rest of the appointment was just paperwork anyway), and right around that time I got slammed with a rotten headache. I don’t know where it came from; we’re not expecting any storms or anything so it couldn’t can’t be that. So I popped 3 Ibuprofen and laid on the couch. I also noticed that I was getting a bit of very light cramping way down low, off and on for a few hours. It was so slight that I chalked it up to gas at first; not much more than a niggle, really. It finally stopped, although I’ve been fighting the headache pretty much since around 2:00 this afternoon (it’s 12:19 in the morning now.) That’s my day in a nutshell. I’m going to get off this dang computer since I can barely see straight as it is, hang up Matt’s uniform and get it put together for work tomorrow. Keeping my fingers crossed that it was an “Implantation Niggle” that I felt!! Gosh, Thursday can’t get here fast enough; my OSOM tests should be here by close of business that day!!!!


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