4 DPO – August 2015

I suppose that today was a mite more “spectacular” than yesterday, but not by much. My TWWs always begin very boring as all get out with all the madness starting to kick in around 7-9 DPO.

Two notable things happened today. 1) Although still not enough to justify writing home about (but I will write about it here!), I had enough CM when I checked to be able to classify it as creamy. So that at least removes some of the mystery from the question of, “Have I actually O’d yet?” So whether or not O day was the 12th or the 13th, it matters not. With all the BD-ing we’ve done this cycle we’ve covered our bases either way! With today being Sunday, we spent the day not doing a whole lot. Matt needed to get a haircut (he gets one every Sunday, even though I think he could really wait almost 2 weeks before he needed one again, but nobody ever asks me), and John and I just kinda putzed around the house. We decided that after The Tiny Tyrant got up from his nap (yes, I have affectionately nicknamed my child “The Tiny Tyrant” because that’s exactly what toddlers are) we’d head to my mother’s to swim. Matt and John both dearly love the water and I needed to try out John’s new floaties anyway.

After dinner and bath time, we lounged around the house watching Dragon Ball-Z the movie (my husband is a 5 year old apparently) and about halfway through it, the second notable thing of the day happened: I ended up with a killer case of heartburn. If you’ve never had heartburn – you suck, and we’re no longer friends. I had so damn much heartburn during my pregnancy with John that I just knew I would be birthing an orangutan. After eating my weight (which was considerable) in Tums while preggers, I haven’t been able to stomach them since. So it seemed that the dairy fairy was heading my way, and 2 glasses of milk helped to quench the flames.

So while today was more exciting than yesterday’s blasé, as you can see there still hasn’t been much in the “goings on” department. Tomorrow should be interesting; 5 DPO is generally when the anxiety begins to start building. It’s when I usually start peeing on anything that even remotely resembles a HPT and I’m always just chomping at the bit to get that faint BFP on 6-7 DPO like I’ve seen happen on Countdown To Pregnancy. And each cycle my hopes and dreams of being one of the 15.4% of women who get a BFP on 6 DPO are dashed.


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