2 DPO – August 2015

Holy EWCM, Batman!

So I’m checking my CP/CM for confirmation that I did indeed O and what do I find?


I’ve never had so much EWCM in my life! Well, now I’m really confused. I got a very +OPK on CD 10, which would put O day somewhere around CD 12 which is exactly when I’ve been O-ing since starting the Femara. But the day after O my cervix was so high and open that it almost ate a whole damn Softcup, and NOW I’m getting enough EWCM to grease the transmission on a Buick?? WTF is up with my body?! Please don’t misunderstand, I am THRILLED to be having any fertile CM, I just wish my body would pull it’s sh*t together and cooperate with me.

Aside from my body’s mass production of buffalo snot, the only other thing worth mentioning is that today was a very productive day for me! I got a few chores accomplished that I’d been meaning to do forever (rehung the curtain rod that Matt knocked off a while ago), ironed the curtains that belonged on said curtain rod, got almost all of Matt’s uniforms for next week washed and hung up/rolled for the drawers, and even cooked.


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