1 DPO – August 2015


Unfortunately since I didn’t begin this blog until yesterday, my posts regarding 1-3 DPO will be my best recollections of the events of that particular day at best. So bare with me; I shall give it my utmost best effort to make this as accurate a description of what is happening with both my body as well as my emotions. The entire purpose of journalling every day in the TWW is to let others know that the sheer insanity of TTC is not only real, but completely normal too.

Okey dokey, here goes nothin’ ….

CD 13 is 1 DPO for me, or at least that’s what the almighty Fertility Friend thinks in all it’s great wisdom. As much as I dislike relying solely on an app/website to tell you when the different parts to your cycle begin and end, I do like FF. Their app is very user friendly in my opinion, in comparison with other fertility/charting apps I’ve used. That being said, I’m not 100% sure the the all-knowing FF got it right this cycle. It may have, and since I’ve taken the month off from charting my BBT (the only foolproof way to confirm O short of having a transvaginal u/s done), so I won’t be able to say for sure.

Prior to O this cycle, I had been taking my EPO to help increase the volume and quality of my CM. I never have very much CM to speak of, so the fact that I was having a moderate amount of watery CM was shocking to me! We BD again this evening, and I made sure to have my Softcup ready to go for afterwards; since Matt doesn’t really care for the feel of PreSeed during the “act” I have been slopping a good bit into the waiting Softcup, so that when I pop that baby up there, it gives whatever spermies are next to the cervix plenty of sperm friendly “goo” to backstroke their way to my fallopian tubes in!

What really struck me as odd timing was the position/feel of my cervix itself. This is the first cycle I’ve paid much attention to my CP; I usually just chart my CM. For the few days leading up to and including O, my CP was midway, medium firmness, and partially open. Since I had never charted my CP, I thought that it was as high, soft, and open as it was gonna get. HA! (Remember my previous statement about Mother Nature getting her jollies by jerking me around?!) When I got up today, I removed the Softcup and checked my CP. Holy cow!! And I thought it was high, soft, and open yesterday! My cervix was so high that I had trouble reaching the Softcup to remove it, and was open enough that I could fit the tip of my middle finger inside it. (I had a little mini-freakout in the bathroom; all I could think of was having to go to the ER to have some super hot young intern fish this damn cup out while my husband stands there laughing.) And now you’re laughing! Anyhoo, aside from the mental freakout, today has been a rather uneventful day as far as TTC goes. Wonder what tomorrow will bring …


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