Cycle Starting August 1, 2015

So here we are on my current cycle. I’ve tried to take a different approach toward TTC this month. My whole goal is to relax. Not because I’m one of those tree hugging hippies that believes stress is the Anti-Christ (I truly DO feel that a certain amount of tree hugging is a great thing and very essential to healthy living, however), but more because I literally feel like I’m losing my mind. I am one of the lucky gals who has an “addictive personality” and more often than I’d like to admit I can become utterly obsessed with TTC. I am not temping or charting my BBT this cycle at all. It’s the very best way to confirm O, but it is very stressful with a toddler who still gets up in the middle of the night. One of the ways I’ve decided to try and attempt to relax is with “this here bloggin’ thingy” (in my best backwoods redneck voice.) My goal here is to blog my way through each cycle (doing one blog for the FP of my cycle until O, and a blog each day during my TWW), continuing to blog my way through any subsequent pregnancies. And with any luck, I will only have this one cycle to write about!

With this cycle, I used the following to help us conceive:

~ Femara, 2.5 mg daily for 10 days

~ Metformin ER, 1000 mg daily

~ Evening Primrose Oil, 1500 mg twice daily during fertile period

~ Softcups by Instead, inserted immediately following BD

~ PreSeed sperm friendly lubricant

~ Progesterone Suppositories, 50 mg inserted vaginally before bedtime after O is confirmed

Now as I write this, I am actually 4 DPO but I will try to blog out the past 3 days as best as I can. This has been the very best cycle I think I’ve ever had! It started out great with a very light AF, and considering how heavy the heifer was last month, it was a very welcome change. Oh, and I have to brag on Matt just a bit, too. Somehow, I managed to lose an entire box of tampons. Who does that?! So rather than to have me get dressed and leave the house, Matt went and got me a box of tampons. And ya know what?? He even got the RIGHT ONES! Eat your hearts out, ladies! For all of his faults (and there are plenty), he’s ultimately a great husband and companion!

I started an extended Femara regimen this cycle; it’s 2.5 mg daily for 10 days versus the standard 5 day regimen. I began taking Femara on CD 1 and my last pill was CD 10. The cycles that I’ve taken Femara I have O’d very early; almost always on CD 12. I got LOW readings on my Advanced Digital OPK until CD 10 when it switched to a flashing smiley face indicating HIGH fertility. Now Clearblue states that you will get a HIGH reading for 2 days before O, which identifies your 4 most fertile days. Please note that this is not always the case. I got my HIGH reading on CD 10, and the very next day it went to a solid smiley which is a PEAK reading. Once you get a PEAK reading (which BTW, is the very same as a +OPK with the normal line OPKs) you should O within 12-36 hours. And normally I can pinpoint the exact moment of O via cramping. Not this cycle! I started cramping from the left side for 3 days before I got my PEAK, and the day of my “supposed” O, I was cramping from the right side and had a killer backache. So I’m not sure if I O’d from both sides or not, but it sure did feel like it. Part of my PCOS symptoms is a lack of CM at all, let alone good CM. I had watery CM up to and including the day after O and then BAM! A huge patch of perfectly clear EWCM that was slipperier than greased owl snot! So truthfully – I have NO idea what my body is doing right now. I’m going with O on CD 12 (August 12th) but only because that’s what Fertility Friend says.

Oh yeah – about BD-ing this cycle – holy crap! I can’t remember the last time I’ve had so much sex!! We’ve BD a total of 10 times in the last 11 days, and 2 of those days we didn’t BD at all! Needless to say, we’ve nailed O pretty hard this month! Onto this month’s TWW ….


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